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When starting Kafka with its file, one can override some properties using the --override option. In contrast, when starting Kafka-Connect with its file, there is no --override option.

Having the --override option when starting Kafka-Connect will provide the users the flexibility in starting Kafka-Connect in various situations. While lacking of this option is confusing for those users who have used the --override option for Kafka.

Public Interfaces

A new option is added for

  • --override <String>: Optional property that should override values set in file

Proposed Changes

We proposed to add the handling of the --override arguments at DistributedConnect. It appears that only a minor change is required at the startup of DistributedConnect and the proposed change is available at with commit

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • no impact on existing users
  • compatible with the older behavior, no migration needed

Rejected Alternatives

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