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Release: 3.0.0

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Connector-specific client overrides were added in KIP-458, but that feature was not enabled by default since it may not have been backward compatible. But with AK 3.0.0, we have the opportunity to enable connector client overrides by default.

Public Interfaces

Change the default for the `connector.client.config.override.policy` worker configuration property to `All`. KIP-458 defined this property with a default of `None` to maintain backward compatibility.

Proposed Changes

No other changes are proposed.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

As discussed in KIP-458, enabling this property in worker configuration does not by itself change behavior, but it merely allows connector configurations to define additional properties that override the producer, consumer, and/or admin properties.

AK 3.0.0 is a major release and thus a good time to make this change. In the unlikely case that a connector defines such consumer.override.*  or producer.override.*  properties, the connector client overrides can be manually disabled in the Connect cluster's worker configuration.

Rejected Alternatives

Leaving the default as None .

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