Adding a Python version

  1. Add a Beam Python container for the new python version.
  2. Add a new Python version to different test-suites.
    1. Tox test suites - link
    2. All the required Gradle tasks such as pre-commits, post-commits etc.
    3. Make sure all the runners support the new Python version.
  3. Add the Github actions suite for the new Python version.
  4. Add the support for building wheels for the new Python version.
  5. Update the upper limit in with the next major Python version.
  6. Update any code that needs changes for the new Python version.
  • If there is a new feature update or there is a regression when adding a new Python version, please file an issue.
    • All the unit tests and Integration tests must pass before merging the new version. 
    • If you are a non-committer, please ask the committers to run a seed job on your PR to test all the new changes.

Pull request for adding python 3.9 to Apache Beam:

Removing a Python version

  1. Bump the python version in and update the python version warning in
  2. Delete the unsupported Python version containers from sdks/python/container
  3. Remove the test-suites for the unsupported python version from
    1. Remove unsupported py{version} from the following files/directories
      1. sdks/python/test-suites/
      2. apache_beam/testing/tox
      3. apache_beam/testing/dataflow
      4. apache_beam/testing/direct
      5. apache_beam/testing/portable
    2. Remove the unsupported python version gradle tasks from
      1. beam/.test-infra/{DSL_SCRIPT}.groovy
      2. build.gradle.kts
      3. settings.gradle.kts
      4. buildSrc/src/main/groovy/org/apache/beam/gradle/BeamModulePlugin.groovy
    3. Remove the support for building wheels and source distributions for the unsupported Python version from .github/workflows/build_wheels.yml
    4. Remove the unsupported Python version from GitHub actions unit tests at .github/workflows/python_tests.yml
    5. Remove the unsupported Python version from sdks/python/tox.ini
  4. Clean up any code that applies to unsupported Python version[Optional]

Pull request for removing Python 3.6 support from Apache Beam:

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