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  • Board Report (2010-07)
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Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data and other artifacts to target systems. ACE started incubation on April 24th 2009.

There are currently no issues requiring board or Incubator PMC attention.


  • Angelo van der Sijpt was present at the Second London Java Community Unconference, organized with the ASF, talking about ACE.
  • Karl Pauls and Marcel Offermans repeated their tutorial on, amongst other things, ACE at SkillsMatter in London.
  • ACE will also be present at the ApacheCon NA in Altanta in November.


  • More work on the Maven build has been done.
  • Upgraded the UI to the latest GWT libraries.
  • Finished migration of all existing unit tests.

Licensing and other issues

  • None at the moment.

Things to resolve prior to graduation

  • Make a release.
  • Grow the community some more.

Signed off by mentor: ...

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