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Apache XML Security for Java 1.4.1 release notes

  • XML Security 1.4.0 does not build with IBM's JDK. See Issue 41892.
  • Cannot canonicalize with XSLT transform. See Issue 41927.
  • Resolution of SAML 1.x ID attributes, incorrect namespace. See Issue 41805.
  • Two text nodes with the value '\n' in succession within <ds:SignedInfo> and <ds:X509IssuerSerial>. See Issue 41474.
  • returns null for DSA key. See Issue 41510.
  • XMLCipher StackOverflowError. See Issue 41573.
  • Cannot specify dynamically a specific JCE Provider with the DSA Signature. See Issue 41569.
  • ECDSA signature value interoperability patch. See Issue 42239.
  • Cannot generate signatures with the same key but different algorithms in sucession. See Issue 41520.
  • Xml canonization - UTF-8 encoding issue in Xml security 1.4.0. See Issue 41462.
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