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Apache XML Security for Java 1.3.0 release notes

  • Performance improvement in C14n, due to changes in internal structure, and a non recursive algorithm.
  • Reduce memory consumption in c14n.
  • Add new msg id named decoding.divisible.four and fix bug in Base64 Transform to throw Base64DecodingExc with this msg id instead of "It should be dived by four".
  • Canonicalizing an empty node-set throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Also added new unit test for generating signatures. See Issue 36044.
  • Fixed NullPointerException bugs in engineCanonicalize.
  • Fix bug when parsing reference lists during decryption; properly handle relative URIs and lists of more than one element.
  • Make XMLCipher.encryptData(Document, Element, boolean) public so it can be used by applications.
  • Error in CarriedKeyNameDefinition EncryptedKeyImpl. CSee Issue 35917.
  • Change logging message in XMLCipher.decryptKey from info to debug level (too noisy for info level).
  • Fix file descriptor leak in XMLSignatureInput. See Issue 35580.
  • Fix NullPointerException in TransformXPathFilter2.engineTransform if XMLSignatureInput is a node-set (instead of an element subtree).
  • Fix condition in ElementProxy.guaranteeThatElementInCorrectSpace().
  • Fix NullPointerException in log message emitted by ResolverDirectHTTP.engineCanResolve.
  • Fix NullPointerException bug in ResolverXPointer.engineResolve; check if BaseURI is null before setting source URI.
  • Fix NPE when an unknown transform algorithm is used. See Issue 34743.
  • Removed system.err.println to a real log. See Issue 33936.
  • Fix a bug in Xpath and Base64 transform is used together. See Issue 35919.
  • Canonicalization of a DocumentFragment node always throws a c14n exception. See Issue 36638.
  • KeyValue.getPublicKey does not work. See Issue 36639.
  • Signature verification ignores the inclusive namespaces parameter of a excl c14n ds:CanonicalizationMethod. See Issue 36640.
  • Remove of PRNG, HexDump, X509CertificateValidator classes.
  • Out of the box j2se 1.5 ready(no adding xalan in the classpath or endorsed if no xpath transformation is needed).
  • General small optimizations(b64 speed-ups, list instead of vector, etc...).
  • Removed transformation.
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