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  • How to switch the CXF consumer between HTTP and HTTPS without touching the Spring configuration
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You can find general information how to secure your Camel CXF Consumer with HTTPS here

A simple Camel CXF Consumer configuration which use the http:conduit configuration to enable SSL and an external properties file for all environment specific configurations could looks like:


The environment specific configurations are externalized into a properties file:


With this configuration, you Camel CXF consumer connects with HTTPS to the web service provider.
If you need to change the protocol to HTTP, maybe for tracing/debugging reasons, change the endpointUri property in your properties file to e.g. http://localhost:8080/OrderEntry. That's all! Isn't it easy.
Apache CXF detects that you "only" use HTTP and instantiates a HttpURLConnectionFactoryImpl instead of a HttpsURLConnectionFactory.

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