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Example: JMS cache replication

Please note, that this example is not finished yet. It is based on OSGi iTest instead of real life example. But no matter to that it is very good staring point for all Camel Cache Riders!

JMS replication is the most powerful and secured way. Used altogether with Camel Cache replication options is also the most easy way.
This basic example is divided to few important steps that have to be made to get the cache replication to work.

The first step is to write your own implementation of CacheManagerFactory.

Next step is to write your own implementation of CacheLoaderWrapper, the easiest one is:

At the third step you can take care about Camel Cache options (prepare their values):

  • cacheManagerFactory
  • eventListenerRegistry
  • cacheLoaderRegistry

The final step is to define some routes using Cache component

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