We make bold claims right on the front page about performance and back that up with usually anecdotal evidence. It's nice that a disinterested third party has come up with their own framework performance shootout, covering everthing from Rails to Play to Wicket to (thanks to Kalle) Tapestry 5.2.5. I have to say that Tapestry significantly rocked:

There's a lot more details in the posting; Tapestry out-performed the JSP version of the test application, as well as all of the other component-based frameworks, and most of the action-oriented frameworks.

It's not charted, but Tapestry does pretty well in terms of memory and CPU utilization:

Tapestry has been getting faster, release-on-release. Kalle has promised to update the Tapestry test application to 5.3 once at least a stable alpha release is available and I expect to see some incremental speed improvement, and some more visible reduction in memory utilization.

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