Why does this page exist?

Every great open-source project has two fundamental elements, 1.) A Great Community 2.) Excellent Documentation.  Both elements are required to make the software usable and appealing to new comers.  Long time committers on the project tend to forget what it is like being new and not easily understanding OODT.  Time and time again people look at OODT and wonder, "What does OODT do...and does it provide value to ME?"  

This page aims to accomplish 2 goals:

  1. Give new users a voice/place to ask questions and provide comments (yes, this can be done on the mailing list, but check out the next point)
  2. Provide the basis for a "New User Overview" page (thanks to Phillip Rhodes for the idea)

Okay. Great!  Now what?

Add to this wiki (Below the Horizontal Rule Please) and post questions, thoughts, comments...anything that comes to mind when exploring our project/code/website everything is wide open and fair game.  Once we have enough content we will do our best to distill it down and create the aforementioned 'New User Overview' page on our site to help educate new users more effectively.

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  1. The New User Overview could have some examples or use-cases to give a new user an idea as to which components he could use or how the components are used in existing projects that use OODT.

    It would be great if there were comprehensive guides like the Workflow 2 User Guide( https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/oodt/branches/wengine-branch/wengine/src/main/resources/documentation/UserGuide.doc) for the other components as well. I'm not sure if there are similar guides like the above mentioned.

  2. Hey Sheryl,

    +1 on having similar guides like the WEngine one. We need to port that to XDOCs. There is also a tutorial from Rishi Verma that we should port too.

  3. Time for a 'New User Overview' page? (smile)

    We could start off with OODT components that are most commonly used in JPL projects or/and in EDRN and CHLA-VPICU projects.

    And, how about a Wikipedia page for Apache OODT?

    1. And, how about a Wikipedia page for Apache OODT?

      Super +1 to this!