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Apache Sqoop

A tool for efficiently transferring bulk data between Apache Hadoop and structured datastores such as relational databases.

Sqoop entered incubation on June 11, 2011.


  • Mailing lists have been created.
  • New committer accounts have been setup except for Guy le Mar whose account request has been submitted.
  • SVN directory structure has been created, karma granted for initial committers.
  • JIRA has been initialized for SQOOP.
  • Confluence Wiki space has been created.
  • Work on migrating JIRA information from Cloudera hosted JIRA instance to Apache JIRA is underway.

Issues before graduation

  • Migrate code to Apache SVN from Cloudera.
  • Migrate mailing lists from Cloudera infrastructure to Apache mailing lists.
  • Create Sqoop web site.
  • Make an incubating release.
  • Grow the community size and diversity.

Licensing and other issues

  • Work to obtain CCLA from Cloudera regarding license grant for existing Sqoop code from Cloudera GitHub repository is underway.

Signed off by mentor: Olivier Lamy (olamy)

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