We've released a new release candidate for Tapestry 5.3: Apache Tapestry 5.3-rc-2.

This represents the better part of a year of work, containing over 270 bug fixes and improvements, ranging from the trivial one-line bug fixes all the way up to a complete reimplementation of how Tapestry performs bytecode transformation of component classes. Tapestry 5.3 includes significant improvements to performance (especially in production mode), and reduces the memory footprint of the running application. See the release notes for full details about improvements, upgrades, and fixed bugs and issues.

To use the release candidate, update your build.gradle to include the Apache Maven Staging Repository:

repositories { 

  // For access to Apache Staging (Preview) packages 
  mavenRepo urls: "https://repository.apache.org/content/groups/staging" 

Oh, are you still using Maven? My condolences; here you go:


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