This Confluence has been LDAP enabled, if you are an ASF Committer, please use your LDAP Credentials to login. Any problems file an INFRA jira ticket please.

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  • This Confluence site is maintained by the ASF community on behalf of the various Project PMCs.
  • Each Confluence Space is managed by the respective Project community.
  • Confluence users can watch a Space to to receive notifications any changes, or receive a daily summary of all changes to the site. After logging in, follow the "Profile" link for details.
  • Some Spaces are being used to create the Project documentation. Editing access to such Spaces will be restricted to Project committers or individuals who have filed a Contributor's License Agreement with the ASF.

(lightbulb) Many thanks to Atlassian Software Systems for providing to the ASF a free license for this site.


Is this the only ASF wiki?

There are two wiki systems in use at the Apache Software Foundation. One uses moin-moin (Python), and the other Confluence (Java).

Confluence also supports commenting on pages, which can be an interesting way to help build up a community. Even if a site is restricted to CLA-equipped authors, other people can still leave comments.

Shouldn't we use Apache-licensed software for our wiki?

Actually, quite a lot of the support software we use is not under the Apache License. In the case of Confluence, Atlassian provides the ASF and other open source organizations a free license, as their way of giving back to the open source community. JIRA and Confluence are built with quite a number of open source products. When we use Confluence, we are in fact "eating our own dog food" – only baked into a pie!

Who should we tell if the Confluence site is down?

If Confluence is down, first check the ASF Public Network Status page. If the service seems to be down, but Monitoring reports it as OK, then please email infra@ or post a JIRA ticket.

If the Monitoring status is showing that the service is offline, then the appropriate people have already been contacted. If the service stays offline for 24 hours, then please file a JIRA ticket.

How do we request a CWIKI Space?

  • New Spaces can be created upon request from a ASF Project PMC
  • User Self-Service portal to create a new  Confluence project (the old way was to File a ticket for the Confluence component).
    • Include the cwiki account name of a PMC member (preferably the PMC chair) who will help administer the space.
    • Also specify the key name for the Space. The key name cannot be changed.
      • If you use JIRA, you might want to use the same key name.
  • When the Space is created, a $project-committer group (or equivalent) will also be created with full rights to the Project's Space.

Is this site backed up?

Yes, everything (MySQL, attachments, Tomcat config) for JIRA and Confluence is backed up locally and off-site.

Can we use the autoexport site as part of our main web site?

Not any more , sorry, Autoexport is no more.

If we use the wiki to maintain project documentation, are there any special considerations?

If you are using the cwiki Space like most projects use moin-moin, then you can set the edit rights for the space to Confluence users. Most projects use moin-moin like a sandbox or whiteboard, that is provided to the community as an online convenience.

Projects do not typically bundle a copy of moin-moin into a release. If you do plan to bundle a copy of the confluence wiki into a release, then the requirement is that a Contributors License Agreement be on file from everyone who contributed anything greater than an incidental patch, to either the code or the documentation.

But what if we would like the community at large to help maintain the space?

If by "community at large", you mean any random passerby, and you plan to bundle the documentation into a release, then the answer would be no. If by "community at large", you mean people who take the trouble to file a CLA, then the answer is yes. But, you will need to be sure they have filed a CLA before granting edit access. Any ASF Member or Officer (including your PMC Chair) has access to the list of people who have filed a CLA with the ASF. Again, the touch point is whether you want to reserve the right to bundle the documentation with a release and/or check a copy into an ASF repository. In addition, that persons cwiki account would need to be added to the asf-cla group; and the asf-cla ggroup be given appropriate space permissions. DO NOT allow thousands of 'confluence-users' group members edit access to your wiki, spam will ensue.!!

An individual person contributing documentation in this way is not required to be a "committer", but he or she does need to file a CLA, so that there is no doubt that the individual intends to contribute the copyright on the documentation to the ASF. Of course, whenever anyone makes "welcome and sustained contributions" to the documentation, it is appropriate to invite that person to become a committer and PMC Member, and share in the decision making.

Infrastructure Notes

The Confluence runbook is available (via secure access only) as a plain-text document in Subversion.

The CWIKI infrastructure is maintained by volunteer members of the Project PMCs using the site.

(tick) Please file a JIRA ticket to document any administrative changes that affect the installation rather than an individual space, such as installing a plugin. If appropriate, please also update this page.

Standard Groups


Any registered user


ASF PMC members helping with all spects of CWIKI administration


Users known to have a Contributor's License Agreement on file with the ASF


Committers helping to administer a ASF Project Space

source-editorsTrusted folks who can use the Confluence Source Editor plugin

Projects may create other groups to fill special access needs.

Adding a Project Space

  • New Spaces can be created upon request from a Project PMC
    • The PMC member requesting the site must have a CWIKI account setup. The request should include a keyname for the Space.
    • If the PMC uses JIRA, it makes sense to use the same Confluence space name and JIRA project name.
  • Create a $project-committers group
  • Add the PMC member requesting the Space to $project-committers and give them space-administrators access.
  • Create the Space.
  • Give the $project-committers groups all rights to the Space.
    • As a fail-safe, it is strongly recommended that the confluence-administrators group also be given all rights to the Space.
  • Give the confluence-users View, Export access (optional). Do NOT allow this group greater rights than that.
  • Remove the individual rights granted to your account by Confluence when the Space was created.
  • Grant View and Export only rights to Anonymous.

Posting email alerts to a mailing list

One approach is to create a role account ($project-group) and use your project's moderator privileges to subscribe the account to your commits@ list. The profile for the account can be setup to watch the project space. The account will need confluence-user karma, because without at least that, the system wouldn't send the alerts. Some projects find the change-by-change reports to be so verbose as to be unhelpful, and so set the account to send daily summaries instead. Since the account is posting to an ASF mailing list, the emails should be in plain-text rather than HTML.

(warning) If the initial notifications from Confluence do not appear in your list's moderation queue, ask infrastructure to check for a "ezmlm-reject" line in the list's configuration, and remove it if present.

Installing Plugins

Any Confluence Administrator can install a plugin from the administration area in Confluence. Please file a JIRA ticket when installing or updating a plugin, to keep everyone apprised.

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