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Crescendo 0.5.2 (June 23rd, 2011)

A new maintenance release of Syncope Crescendo, 0.5.2, is available.

In this release:

  1. Propagation fails if AccountId used to build AccountLink is considered as attribute to propagate #122
  2. Update propagation fails if _NAME_ to be updated has the same value as remote object's #123
  3. Exception when paginating user list with Oracle #110
  4. Deleting a connector instance from the console does not work #119
  5. Use JNDI Datasource (when available) in ContentLoader #124
  6. Search user by associated resource #112
  7. SchemaMapping for user propagation allows RSchema and MSchema to be selected #114

Crescendo 0.5.1 (May 25th, 2011)

With great pleasure and pride we announce the availability of the new 0.5.1 Syncope release, Crescendo.

This support release includes some relevant fixes and small enhancement:

  1. REST service for getting running version #115
  2. Fixed an exception when restarting an instance persisted on PostgreSQL #116
  3. Fixed some misbehaviors introduced with JPA 2.0

0.5 (May 10th, 2011)

With great pleasure and pride we announce the availability of the new 0.5 Syncope release, on perfect schedule (check it on the roadmap).
In a nutshell the most important new features:

  1. Password encryption scheme for users can now be configured #88
  2. The original Identity Connectors framework has been forked into the brand new ConnId project #89; for more information take a look at project website
  3. The overall build process has been made for standard, powerful and flexible by the adoption of maven 3 #90
  4. A technology update has been performed in order to make Syncope compatible with J2EE 6 containers by upgrading to JPA 2.0 #91
    Alongside with these new features, some bugfixes are also coming:
  5. #87
  6. #108
  7. #109
  8. #110

As you can check on getting started page, the maven archetype has also been updated to reflect all the changes described above.

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