We will jump 3.5 and target next release to 4.0. All 3.5 development work will be merged to 4.0. Please refer to AOO 4.0 wiki.

Release Goal

The AOO 3.5 release is a minor release with focus on bug fixes and enhancement, improvements, and features with no or smaller UI changes.

Detailed Release Planning

A more detailed release planning, including the release contents and schedule, can be found under AOO 3.5 Release Planning

Release Notes

The related release notes can be found under AOO 3.5 Release Notes

Test and QA Plan

The related test and QA plan can be found under AOO 3.5 QA and Test Plan

Developer Snapshots

Regular built developer snapshots for early testing that can be found under Unofficial Developer Builds for Apache OpenOffice 3.5

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