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1.1.0 Espressivo -> 1.1.0 Ad Libitum

Draft until official release of 1.1.0-incubating

Some changes in the persistence layer need to be reflected in the database used by Syncope as internal repository.

MD5 is not supported any more

SYNCOPE-51 removed MD5 from supported password cipher algorithm.

This means that:

  1. password.cipher.algorithm must be set to something different (say SHA1) in SyncopeConf table
  2. any row in SyncopeUser table with cipherAlgorithm=MD5 must be set to something different (say SHA1); moreover, all users must change their own password

Quartz upgraded to 2.1.X

Syncope now features the latest version of Quartz (as per SYNCOPE-93).

Remove any QRTZ_* table from the database: such tables will be re-created at next startup.

New mandatory conf param 'notificationjob.cronExpression'

As per SYNCOPE-216, you can specify when the NotificationJob will run.

Add a row to SyncopeConf table with key = notificationjob.cronExpression and your chosen cron expression as value.

Reference and some examples of cron expressions are provided in Quartz website.

Changes in Task table

SYNCOPE-144 introduced two additional columns in Task table:

name VARCHAR(255),
description VARCHAR(255)

Moreover, SYNCOPE-186 renamed jobActionsClassName to actionsClassName

Changes in SyncopeRole table

SYNCOPE-225 introduced three additional columns in SyncopeRole table:

inheritOwner INTEGER,


  • ExternalResource.checkMandatoryConstraint renamed to ExternalResource.enforceMandatoryCondition
  • ExternalResource has now an additional column
    actionsClassName VARCHAR(255)
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