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Please keep in alphabetical order by given name.




Alexandro Colorado

Cancun, Mexico

l10n,ODF,Documentation,Marketing,Community Mgmnt,Python,XML,User

Albino Biasutti Neto

Vila Velha, ES, Brazil

l10n, Documentation, Marketing, User, Community AOOBr, ODF

Andrew Pitonyak

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Documentation, Macros, Community, General Use, C++, Java, Perl

Andrew Rist

Menlo Park, CA, USA

ODF,, C/C++, Java, UX & user activity flows

Andre Fischer

Hamburg, Germany

C++, Java, Perl, Impress, build system

Andrea Pescetti

Parma, Italy

Localization, QA, Web technologies, C++

Andrew Allen

Arizona, US

Web Design, Business Management, Marketing

Andy Brown

Dublin, GA, USA

User, Documentation, Distribution, Marketing

Annapoornima Koppad

Bangalore, India

C/C++, Python, PHP, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Tutorials, Documentation

Antón Méixome

Pontevedra (Galicia), Spain

Galician localization, documentation, education, marketing, user support

Ariel Constenla-Haile

La Plata, Argentina

C/C++, Java, Python, UNO, API, Extensions, Application Framework

Bruno Santa

Torino, Italy


Carl Marcum

Dayton, OH, USA

Java, Groovy, SDK API's, XML

Carlo Pucillo

Udine, Italy


Cheng Jian Hong


C/C++, Java, UNO, WordProcessor

Cinzia Cernitore

Bari, Italy


Colin McDermott

Sydney, Australia

Linux, C++, Python, Word Processing, visual accessibility

Dave Barton

Milan, Italy

User Support, Tutorials, Documentation, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, C/C++, Distribution.

Dave McKay

North East Wales, UK

C/C++, Technical Writer, User Forum

David Fisher

San Francisco, CA, USA

Document Generation and Workflow, Java, Postscript, PDF, Apache POI, Web Services

Dennis E. Hamilton

Seattle, WA, USA

C/C++, Java, Interoperability, ODF, security, architecture, web

Don Harbison

Chelmsford, MA USA

Trademark, Branding, Communications, Community Development

Dongbin Peng

Vancouver, Canada

C/C++, java

Elena Lombardo

Milano, Italy


Eike Rathke

Hamburg, Germany

Calc spreadsheet core, number parser/formatter, i18n, locale data, ODF, OpenFormula, performance tuning

Eric Bachard

Audincourt France

C/C++, ObjectiveC, vcl and Impress hacker, All ports and build systems, Education Project, Student mentoring

floris v

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

User support forum (English and Dutch)

Gabriele Chiarini

San Pietro in Casale, Bologna, Italy


Giorgio Gentili

Busto Arsizio Italy


Graham Lauder

Waikato,New Zealand

Training, Marketing, Migration Management, Website, HTML, CSS, PHP

Greg Stein

Virginia, USA

Apache, Subversion, Python

Hagar Delest

Paris, France

User Support Forum (English)

Håkon Vågsether

Ålesund, Norway

C/C++, Python, Linux, FOSS, Norwegian Localization

Ian Cunningham

Perth, Australia

C/C++, Java, XML, ODF, Testing

Ian Lynch


Certification of user skills, Marketing, Business Models to sustain FOSS development


Taipei, Taiwan

UNO API, OpenOffice BASIC, Java, Localization, C++, Perl, PHP, C

Ingrid von der Mehden

Hamburg, Germany

C++, Java, UNO, ODF, Chart and surrounding areas, Layout, User Interface

Jan Iversen

Alora, spain (but danish)

C/C++, HTML, Protocols, multi platform issues, l10n, building process, marketing

Jan Jełowicki

Wrocław. Poland

Users support forum in Poland

Jean Hollis Weber

Townsville, QLD, Australia

Technical writing/editing/publishing of end-user documentation

Jeongkyu Kim

GwangJu, Korea


Jim Grenier

Boston, USA

Marketing, Social Media, Edtech, Moodle, OpenOffice, OpenSim/Virtual Worlds

Jin Hua Chen

Beijing, China

C/C++, Java, UNO, Impress, programmability

Johnathan Snyder

Mishawaka, IN, USA

C/C++, Java, UNO, XML

Jomar Silva

Sao Paulo, Brazil

C/C++, Python, XML, ODF, Architecture, Marketing, Localization, Documentation, Community Management

Juan C. Sanz

Logroño, Spain

Spanish localization and documentation

Juergen Schmidt

Hamburg, Germany

C/C++, Java, UNO, API, Extensions, SDK, Dev Tools, Quality, Community, Marketing, ...

Kai Ahrens

Hamburg, Germany

C++, Java, Linux, Graphics core, Graphics filters, VCL, Presentation, Impress, Draw

Kay Schenk

Chico, CA, USA

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Perl, general technical writing

Kazunari Hirano

Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan

Japanese, Translation, Marketing, User Support

Keith N. McKenna

Thorndike, MA, USA

Documentation, User Support, general technical writing, user

Larry Gusaas

Moose Jaw, SK, Canada

User support (Mac)

Liu Shenfeng

Beijing, China

Quality, Marketing, Localization, Extension, Community

Liu Zhe


QA, Automated Testing, C/C++, Java

Louis Suárez-Potts

Toronto, Canada

Marketing, Ecosystem Development, ODF, Community Strategy

Manola D'Alessandro

Chieti, Italy


Marco Caresia

Bolzano, Italy

Localization, QA

Marcus Lange

Hamburg, Germany

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Release/Distribution

Massimiliano Caniparoli

Collegno (and Dogana Nuova), Italy


Maziar Kosarifar

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Python, C++, BASIC

Michal Hriň

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Slovak localization, HTML, ...

Mirko Perillo

Trento, Italy


Oliver-Rainer Wittmann

Hamburg, Germany

C/C++, Java, Writer, ODF

Olaf Felka

Hamburg, Germany


Peter Junge

Beijing, China

Community Building, Moderating many mailing lists, trying to do other useful things

Piseth Kheng

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Marketing, documentation, training, education, user support, l10n

Raffaello Palandri

Rome, Italy

Translation, Localisation, Communication

Raphael Bircher

Malans GR, Switzerland

QA, Infrastructure

Regina Henschel

Dortmund, Germany

QA, Documentation, User Support, Chart, Calc, Draw, C++, HTML, ODF

Ricardo Gabriel Berlasso

Como, Italy

User support (Forums, tutorials), Spanish localization

Riccardo Vianello

Venezia, Italy


Risto I. Jääskeläinen

Järvenpää, Finland

Finnish localization

Rob Weir

Westford, MA, USA

C/C++, Java, Python, XML, ODF, Performance tuning

Roman Gelbort

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marketing, Education, User Support

Rory O'Farrell

Dublin, Ireland

User Support

Samer Mansour

Toronto, ON, Canada

Marketing, UxD, Documentation

Shane Curcuru

Cambridge, MA, USA

Project mentor; Apache Brand Management; QE

Shadrach Smith

Austin, TX USA

linux administration, web, QA, embedded

Simon Sun

Wuxi, China


Stephan Bergmann

Hamburg, Germany

C++, Java, UNO, configmgr, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linkers/Libraries, Build System, -enable-werror, Code Quality, Unit Tests

Stuart Swales

Aberfeldy, UK

British English (en-GB) localisation

Sylvain DENIS

Châtelineau, Belgium

User, Documentation, Distribution, Marketing, Training, Education, User support

Valerio Lombardi

Firenze, Italy

QA, Java

Valentina Mellone



V Stuart Foote

San Antonio, TX, USA

a11y accessibility testing and QA

Wang Lei


C/C++, Java, Performance, Spreadsheet

Wei Yang


QA,Automation Testing,Spreadsheet

Wolf Halton

Atlanta, GA, USA

Security, Documentation, Website, HTML, PHP, Python

Xue Fei Duan

Beijing, China

QA, Automated Testing, C/C++, Java

Yong Lin Ma


C/C++, Java, UNO, MacOS X, ODF

Zack Glennie

Tel Aviv, Israel

QA, test automation

Zhang Jian Fang


C/C++, Java, UNO, Globalization, Install

Zheng Fan

Beijing, China

C/C++, Writer, MSO, Interoperability

Zoltán Reizinger

Budapest, Hungary

QA, User forum

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