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Please add below any features you would like to see in future versions of CloudStack.

Where possible, add a short blurb describing the feature - we're not mind readers!

Also where possible - if the feature has been discussed on the CloudStack developer or user mailing lists, please provide a link to the discussion.

Guest management improvements

  • Application containers (similar to vApps)
  • Restore (in-place) a VM from a snapshot
  • DRS Support in VMware for larger clouds
  • Auto resource increase (like onapp)
  • Guest tools support (Guest agent tools)
    • guest management API
    • monitoring access to internal process (duration running, progress monitors)
  • Dynamic IP/NIC adding & removing     

Operations improvements

  • More friendly log messages
    • More meaningful pop-up messages
    • Password reset (UI)
    • UI Avoid sets shown and why
  • Easy bug reporting feature 
  • Email notification intelligence   

UI: Visual and functional improvements

  • Console preview icons/panes
  • Visual indicator of VM groups
  • improved search function
  • Column sorting in grid views
  • Admin UI more 'enterprise' like or 'expert view'
  • some more features in api included in gui      
  • UI Plugins   
  • UI Multi-VM selection  
  • admin and user UI styles
  • Add SSH Key Manager Support in GUI (requester: many users)

Infrastructure services improvements (System VMs, Offerings, etc)

  • SSL termination on router vms (nginx?) (requester: kdamage)
  • SSL pass-through on VR LB
  • Support for Vyatta-based domain-routers (requester: Ilya Musayev)
  • Support GPU VM
  • AWS style health checks for LB Rules.
  • Support of S3 Complaint Object Store as Secondary Storage (John @ Basho?)
  • Additional System VMS for other network features       
  • Nat support for system VMs    
  • Alternative System VM Offerings based on CentOS/Fedora (requester: many users ) (assigned: Ilya Musayev)

Networking improvements

  • multiple nic on an instance (basic/advanced networking) - Basically to have CS track IP aliases (requested by several folks)
  • IPv6
  • VPC
    • AWS like Security Group
    • Multiple NIC on an instance
    • Support for redundant VPC's Virtual Router

Security and authentication improvements

  • Support for RSA tokens
  • RBAC support/architecture
  • Advanced networking, ACLs       
  • Two factor authentication & 3rd party ie radius
  • AD Integration 
  • Read-only api access  

Documentation improvements

Secondary storage services

  • Multiple volume templates    
  • Multiple volume snapshots     

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