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1.0.3-incubating (October 30th, 2012)

This is the third maintenance release for 1.0.X-incubating.


  • [SYNCOPE-214] - Error when trying to change readonly attribute
  • [SYNCOPE-217] - SyncopeUser.hasTokenExpired() can easily cause nullpointer exception
  • [SYNCOPE-220

    ] - When running in embedded mode, CSVDir configuration shows unresolved $

    Unknown macro: {urlencoded.csvdir.path}


  • [SYNCOPE-224] - ActivitiWorkflowLoader called by SpringContextInitializer even when ActivitiUserWorkflowAdapter is not selected
  • [SYNCOPE-226] - Invalid passwords might fill up user's password history
  • [SYNCOPE-228] - When updating a role, assigned entitlements get lost
  • [SYNCOPE-230] - Sync user attributes using a long schema attribute as accountId

1.0.2-incubating (October 2nd, 2012)

This is the second maintenance release for 1.0.X-incubating.


  • [SYNCOPE-193] - LDAP test connector status management does not work with synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-194] - User attributes not sychronized properly from LDAP resource
  • [SYNCOPE-196] - Change Display Attributes button misaligned
  • [SYNCOPE-202] - MySQL and Oracle integration test hangs
  • [SYNCOPE-208] - Resources: schema mapping form shows incorrect external field names for SyncopeUserId and Password
  • [SYNCOPE-211] - Test org.apache.syncope.core.persistence.relationships.derAttrFromSpecialAttrs not enabled


  • [SYNCOPE-124] - Prevent task execution request for running tasks
  • [SYNCOPE-195] - Make default sorting order consistent
  • [SYNCOPE-200] - Improve rat-plugin configuration
  • [SYNCOPE-207] - Clear test configuration in order to avoid AccountId/Password mapping explicitely valued

1.0.1-incubating (August 30th, 2012)

This is a maintenance release after the 1.0.0-incubating.


  • [SYNCOPE-183] - 'Enforce mandatory constraints' not working

  • [SYNCOPE-187] - When deleting an user, REST error doesn't bring error message to display

  • [SYNCOPE-191] - UI Error when sorting Synchronization Task executions

  • [SYNCOPE-182] - LICENSE & NOTICE: duplicated entries

  • [SYNCOPE-192] - With trace level NONE notification tasks don't get updated

  • [SYNCOPE-185] - Could not delete an user with LDAP resource


  • [SYNCOPE-184] - LDAP test connector should provide status information


1.0.0-incubating (August 7th, 2012)

After 7 months of work the Apache Syncope team is proud to announce the final release of the first stable version since entering the Apache Incubator.
This release took a bit more than expected because the team had to get familiar with new ASF procedures and toolset; now engines are warmed up and ready for upcoming features.

This release essentially adds bugfixes over features, improvements and bugfixes introduced by the 3 RC releases reported below.

Enjoy Apache Syncope Espressivo!


  • [SYNCOPE-114] - Cannot edit an existing reportlet

  • [SYNCOPE-113] - Adding schema mapping to new resource requires changing connector

  • [SYNCOPE-115] - Spring warns about 'Ambiguous write methods found' for HttpClientParams

  • [SYNCOPE-118] - User list: 'propagationTOs' shouldn't be shown for display attributes

  • [SYNCOPE-117] - Empty default user list display attributes selection

  • [SYNCOPE-178] - Incomplete processing during synchronization / full reconciliation

  • [SYNCOPE-179] - Synchronization task executions not connected to owning task

  • [SYNCOPE-180] - After test execution spare files aren't all cleaned up

  • [SYNCOPE-181] - Missing entries in LICENSE & NOTICE for JQuery and CodeMirror


  • [SYNCOPE-116] - Display execution date on Task and Report lists

1.0.0-RC3-incubating (July 18th, 2012)

It's time for a new release. More details below.


  • [SYNCOPE-101] - Release process creates three source artifacts
  • [SYNCOPE-102] - Concurrent execution of the same report might lead to inconsistencies
  • [SYNCOPE-103] - Export function in console not working
  • [SYNCOPE-104] - UTF-8 characters do not appear in notification mails
  • [SYNCOPE-106] - User search based on Enum attribute doesn't work
  • [SYNCOPE-108] - Wrong de-provisioning in case of different role with the same externat resource
  • [SYNCOPE-111] - Failure during role attribute propagation
  • [SYNCOPE-112] - Resource test connection doesn't work fine

New Feature


  • [SYNCOPE-109] - Support JBoss AS 7.1 with native OpenJPA

1.0.0-RC2-incubating (June 25th, 2012)

It's time for a new release, approaching closely to 1.0.0-incubating. More details below.


  • [SYNCOPE-83] - Recipients tab has all fields required when editing NotificationTask
  • [SYNCOPE-90] - GenerateToken class doesn't persist token to DB
  • [SYNCOPE-92] - Align parent POM version to latest release
  • [SYNCOPE-94] - When upgrading to HttpComponents Client 4.2, an Integration Test fails
  • [SYNCOPE-95] - Search doesn't work at all with production content.xml
  • [SYNCOPE-96] - Invalid authentication
  • [SYNCOPE-97] - Singleton RestTemplate
  • [SYNCOPE-99] - Problem editing notifications through console when Membership included in about


  • [SYNCOPE-73] - Add staging site generation steps to release-process page
  • [SYNCOPE-74] - Make configuration params available in mail templates
  • [SYNCOPE-76] - Manage connector configuration property confidential
  • [SYNCOPE-88] - Support MS SQL Server
  • [SYNCOPE-89] - ReportTestITCase.executeAndExport hangs with oracle
  • [SYNCOPE-91] - More UserController RESTful method consistency
  • [SYNCOPE-98] - Method to check if token has expired

1.0.0-RC1-incubating (June 1st, 2012)

This is the very first ASF release, introducing a high number of new features and fixing tons of bugs. More details below.



  • [SYNCOPE-1] - ASF license headers not correct
  • [SYNCOPE-3] - Include NOTICE and LICENSE in all artifacts
  • [SYNCOPE-8] - ERROR: type "clob" does not exist
  • [SYNCOPE-10] - ConnInstance update doesn't imply related connector spring beans reloading
  • [SYNCOPE-11] - Editing a virtual attribute, error after submit
  • [SYNCOPE-12] - Error Selenium Tests
  • [SYNCOPE-16] - Update propagation fails in case of virtual attributes
  • [SYNCOPE-17] - Manage ConnID's configuration exception
  • [SYNCOPE-18] - Virtual attributes cannot be mapped as AccountId
  • [SYNCOPE-21] - ACT_HI_ACTINST:Unique index or primary key violation on non-empty database
  • [SYNCOPE-23] - TODO tab glitches
  • [SYNCOPE-27] - Reflection aware REST methods don't consider classes not explicitly implementing interfaces
  • [SYNCOPE-29] - Deployment on JBoss AS 7.1.0-Final does not work
  • [SYNCOPE-30] - Generation from archetype fails with error 'The defined artifact is not an archetype'
  • [SYNCOPE-31] - User status is not propagated during update
  • [SYNCOPE-32] - Missing SMALLINT type in ImportExport class
  • [SYNCOPE-33] - Virtual attribute missing during synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-34] - No propagation fo virtual attributes retrieved/generated during synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-36] - User read fails in case of error during virtual attribute retrieving
  • [SYNCOPE-37] - Using console, create a new report feature does not work.
  • [SYNCOPE-39] - Notification task is not created during synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-40] - Notification task error: small field size (htmlbody and txtbody)
  • [SYNCOPE-41] - NotificationManager: extend email.schema to derived and virtual attributes
  • [SYNCOPE-43] - Report does not keep a reference to its executions for a new report
  • [SYNCOPE-46] - Error: Search from console with LIKE condition
  • [SYNCOPE-47] - User resource set update fails during synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-48] - Incorrect entitlement inheritance
  • [SYNCOPE-49] - Make utility maps returned by TO's methods read-only
  • [SYNCOPE-52] - Recipient search does not work
  • [SYNCOPE-54] - Notification e-mails can be sent forever
  • [SYNCOPE-58] - User request approval duplicates requests
  • [SYNCOPE-61] - WARNING: DB connection abandoned
  • [SYNCOPE-63] - PolicyBeanPanel doesn't work fine
  • [SYNCOPE-65] - Export/Import doesn't work with MySQL
  • [SYNCOPE-68] - Existing memberships removed during synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-70] - Source artifacts include either 'syncope-1.0.0-RC1-incubating-source' and 'syncope-root-1.0.0-RC1-incubating-source' root dirs
  • [SYNCOPE-71] - Foreign key constraints missed with OpenJPA
  • [SYNCOPE-72] - JSP files don't contain the required ASF license header
  • [SYNCOPE-75] - User create fails providing more than one value for a multivalued attribute of type date
  • [SYNCOPE-77] - Save button not displayed in MembershipModalPage
  • [SYNCOPE-80] - Changin Rows to display value in Propagation Tasks does not take effect
  • [SYNCOPE-81] - NotificationTasks cannot be deleted
  • [SYNCOPE-82] - Propagation task executions don't get persisted
  • [SYNCOPE-84] - Projects generated with maven artifacts fail because of missing legal files
  • [SYNCOPE-86] - TaskExec instances are not associated with owning NotificationTask
  • [SYNCOPE-90] - GenerateToken class doesn't persist token to DB


  • [SYNCOPE-14] - Solve some warnings and verify if generated projects still work
  • [SYNCOPE-22] - Improve virtual attribute value retrieving
  • [SYNCOPE-24] - Remove code replication managing resource schema mappings
  • [SYNCOPE-28] - SyncJobActions interface improvement
  • [SYNCOPE-38] - Todo icon is different compared to other icons.
  • [SYNCOPE-42] - Add the ability to delete a user by username via the REST API
  • [SYNCOPE-45] - Make all delete operations consistent in the REST API
  • [SYNCOPE-50] - Cache custom implementation classes
  • [SYNCOPE-53] - Make the whole UserTO object available in mail templates
  • [SYNCOPE-55] - Allow users to read roles assigned to them by membership
  • [SYNCOPE-60] - Display Excecutions in Synhronization Tasks with descendent order as default
  • [SYNCOPE-62] - Improve enum schema by giving the possibility to specify labels
  • [SYNCOPE-67] - Display all Execute Tasks (Propagation, Notification and Scheduled) and related Execution history items sortered in descending order
  • [SYNCOPE-69] - Increase compile performance
  • [SYNCOPE-85] - Replace dependency on openjpa-all
  • [SYNCOPE-91] - More UserController RESTful method consistency

New Feature

  • [SYNCOPE-7] - Role/Membership attributes propagation


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