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QA Guidelines & Templates

QA Guidelines

Feature Review and Estimates  :

  1. Own the feature specified in the QA Plan
  2. Review the requirements and FS
  3. Participate Feature Discussion with the the feature clarifications and Testability of the requirements
  4. Get most of the clarifications before proceeding to prepare the test plan
  5. Provide the Rough Test estimates to baseline the Test Plan , Execution

Test Plan Preparation :

Note : Test Plan Template available here: Test Plan Template

  1. Derive the scenarios with categories as Sanity, Functional , Upgrade and Non functional requirements (Performance,  Scalability, Reliability)  
  2. Mark the scenarios which can be automated
  3. Define the priority order [P0/P1]
  4. Define the Platform coverage [ Hypervisor ]
  5. Distribute the scenario’s across Management Server Platforms [Ubutnu/RHEL/Cent OS]
  6. Update test plans in the defined format
  7. Post the test plans to Dev forums  to get it reviewed
  8. Update the test plans with the review comments
  9. Baseline the TestPlan
  10. Update Baselined Test estimates to complete the Test Execution

 Test Execution :

Note : Test Execution Template available here: Test Execution Template

  1. Start Execution with P0 Scenarios
  2. Update Test Execution sheet with PASS/FAIL/Blocked
  3. Update the Execution sheet with the bugs and additional notes

Participate in QA Scrum Call :  To discuss the QA status

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