Released Features

VersionTimingWhat's NewJIRA + Git Release Tag
metrics-3.0.0March 2023

First release as a separate project

  • Bump Grafana to 9.3.2
  • Use BIGTOP provided hadoop, hbase, phoenix tarballs instead of HDP's

2.7.7DeC 2022Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.7
2.7.6Nov 2021Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.7
2.7.5Dec 2019Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.7
2.7.4Sept 2019Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.7
2.7.3Nov 2018Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.7

2.7.1Aug 2018

Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.7

2.7.0Jul 2018
  • The Ambari UI, Ambari Server, and Ambari Agent have been significantly reworked to more efficiently handle large cluster management
  • In order to more efficiently manage large clusters, the AMS schema has been updated, and metric aggregation has been improved.
  • Updated default configurations, and configuration recommendations to ensure AMS is tuned well out of the box.
  • Added support for easily adding and managing new HDFS namespaces.
  • Added support for managing ViewFS mount table configuration.
  • Added FreeIPA as a supported KDC implementation.
  • Added support for a new Isilon Management Pack that can be used to easily install HDP on an existing Isilon OneFS implementation.
  • Ambari Infra Solr now uses Solr 7.
  • Amazon Linux is now a supported deployment platform.
  • Commonly customized properties are now confgurable all in one place during the installation, making it much easier to quickly configure your installation.
  • Added the ability for teams to quickly see who initiated operations like Add Service, Add Host, Enable HA, etc.
  • Added the ability for teams to quickly see who performed operations like restarting services, etc.
  • Made it easier to find hosts when adding services to a large cluster with many components deployed to it.
  • Added the ability to bulk add and delete components to multiple hosts.
  • Added the ability to delete hosts in bulk.
  • Created a new API portal in the Ambari Server to quickly understand and try out the Ambari API. Navigate to http://ambari.server:8080/api-docs to view the portal.
  • Made it easer to setup SSO for Ambari, Atlas, and Ranger.

2.6.2May 2018
  • Protecting Zeppelin Notebook SSL credentials
  • Setting appropriate HTTP headers for using Cloud Object Stores with HDP

2.6.1Dec 2017
  • Conditionally Install LZO packages through Ambari (AMBARI-22457)

2.6.0Oct 2017
  • Ambari Metrics System - Distributed mode with multiple Collectors (General Availability) (AMBARI-15901)
  • Improvements in Host Recovery (Restart only), moving Masters with minimum impact and scale testing (AMBARI-21898, AMBARI-21929, AMBARI-21834)

2.5.1May 2017Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.5

2.4.3May 2017Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.4  

2.5.0March 2017
  • LLAP GA support via Ambari (AMBARI-18901)
  • Ambari authentication with Kerberos token (AMBARI-18364)
  • Support Offline Stack Upgrades In a Cluster (AMBARI-18634)
  • Ambari Metrics System Distributed mode - multiple Collectors (Tech Preview) (AMBARI-15901)
  • Service Auto Start support in Ambari (AMBARI-2330)
  • Ambari scale testing on 2500 Agents (AMBARI-18731)
  • Single API to download all client configs (AMBARI-19275)
  • Support topN user and operations visualization for HDFS in AMS-Grafana (AMBARI-19320)

November 2016Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.4

2.4.1September 2016Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.4


What's New

August 2016

Core Features

  • Log Search Technical Preview (AMBARI-14927)
  • Alert Retry Check Counts (AMBARI-15686)
  • New Host Page Filtering (AMBARI-15210)
  • Customizable Ambari Log + PID Directories (AMBARI-15300)
  • Role-Based Access Control (AMBARI-13977)
  • Remove Service (AMBARI-14759)

2.2.2May 2016
Core Features
HDP Features

Security Features

Blueprint API

2.2.1February 2016Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.2


What's New

December 2015

Core Features

Security Features

Blueprints API (Tech Preview


October 2015

Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.1

2.1.1August 2015Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.1

2.0.2August 2015Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.0


What's New

July 2015

Core Platform

Ambari Stacks: HDP

User Views

2.0.1May 2015Maintenance Release for Ambari 2.0


What's New

April 2015

Core Platform

Ambari Blueprints

Ambari Stacks


What's New

November 2014Core Platform
  • Ubuntu support
  • Ambari Views framework
  • Ambari Administration
    • Management of users/groups
    • Management of view instances
    • Management of cluster permissions
  • Cancel/Abort background operation requests
  • New Host Check: THP (Transparent Huge Pages)
  • Download Service client configs
  • Expose Ambari UI for config versioning, history and rollback
  • Ability to manage configuration files
  • Ability to set configuration properties as <final>
  • Migration "Jobs" tab into a "Jobs View" (e.g deliver as part of Views framework)

Ambari Stacks

  • Recommendations and validations (via a "Stack Advisor")

Ambari Blueprints

  • Export service configurations via Blueprint

Capabilities specific to HDP Stacks

  • Install + Manage Flume
  • Capacity Scheduler queue refresh
  • HDFS Rebalance (AMBARI-5934)
  • Delete ZooKeeper Server host component
  • ResourceManager HA


What's New

July 2014
  • New Host Checks
  • Database Connection Test
  • Simplified JDBC Driver Setup
  • Stack Repository Mgmt via Ambari Web
  • Bug Fixes


What's New

May 2014
  • Add support for PostgreSQL DB (Ambari, Oozie, Hive Metastore)
  • Ambari Blueprints
1.5.1April 2014
  • Add support for HDP 2.1 Stack


What's New

April 2014
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Rolling Restarts
  • Bulk Host Operations
  • Service and Component Restarts
  • Decommission TTs, NMs, RSs
  • Add Service
  • Customize ZooKeeper Configs
  • Refresh Client Configs
  • Default JDK 7
1.4.4February 2014
  • Bug fixes


What's New

January 2014
  • Configuration Groups
  • Staged Configuration Changes
  • Ambari DB MySQL support


What's New

December 2013
  • Reassign masters
    • NameNode
    • Secondary NameNode
    • ResourceManager
    • JobTracker
  • HBase Multi-Master
  • Simplified local repository setup
  • Better host controls
    • Start/stop all host components
    • Delete host
    • Add clients to existing hosts
  • Background Operations dialog off option


What's New

October 2013
  • Hadoop-2 stack support
    • YARN
    • MapReduce2
  • Enable NameNode HA
  • Add ZooKeeper servers


What's New

August 2013
  • Manage Kerberos secure cluster
  • Security Enhancements
    • Setup Ambari server HTTPS
    • Master Key property encryption
    • Optional server-agent SSL communication
    • Optional Ganglia and Nagios SSL
  • Customize Dashboard widgets
  • Improved service controls
    • Start/stop all services
    • Better service status indicators
  • Expanded host checks during install
  • Ambari server can run as non-root users as well


What's New

July 2013
  • Sudoer user ability for Ambari agent SSH
  • Hive Metastore Oracle DB support
  • Oozie Oracle DB and MySQL DB support
  • Ambari DB Oracle support
  • Customizable user accounts
    • Nagios
    • Smoke test user
  • Stack selection page during install


What's New

May 2013
  • Ability to add/remove custom configs (including core-site.xml)
  • New heatmap metrics
    • Host CPU Wait I/O %
    • HBase RegionServer Metrics
  • Mixed OS support
    • CentOS can be mixed with RHEL. (Version 5 and 6 can be mixed)
  • Add host components
  • Filter hosts by status
  • Customizable Ganglia user account
  • Customizable Hive Metastore Log and PID directories

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