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The Apache Camel user community is growing constantly with increased adoption. The project would not be what it is without the community contributions. We are grateful to our users who decide to give something back in the form of reporting bugs, providing patches and contributing to the documentation. We want to see more of you helping out and the most active join us as committers and PMC member.

Now and then contributors stand out not only because of the high quality of the contributions, but also due to the commitment to the project and the time and energy spend on helping other users be as successful in using Camel. This is the case now with two more riders: Aki Yoshida and Rich Newcomb. In recognition of their skills and passion, the Camel community is proudly announcing them becoming new committers.

It is also very rewarding to see that most of the contributors who became committers continue to stay involved. Therefore, in recognition of their continued contribution, the Apache Camel PMC invited recently Raul Kripalani to join the PMC, be even more involved and take a greater responsibility in shaping the future of the Camel project. Many thanks for your past contributions and we look forward to the same commitment in the future.

On behalf of the Camel PMC, welcome aboard and we expect more great things coming from you!

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