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Major Discussions

Andrea Pescetti proposed to persist translations of OpenOffice suite & help(?), even if not %100 complete, at least in minor releases. This would allow continuity, across updates, for users. Voting hasn't occured yet, but... stay tuned.

Hey, we have a refurbished Hebrew site! Any Arabic translators out there, who'd like to use the rtl.css, for an Arabic translation of the site, too?

OpenOffice in the News

"The free office suite with enough to get the job done" is the summary in Eddie Cho's review of Apache OpenOffice on

Events and Conferences

Presentations and videos from FOSDEM 2014 are now available.

Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Several people reported that their OpenOffice downloads had malware. users & developers supplied a simple answer: "download only from"
Is there any other action we could take?

Community development


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  1. I prefer a generic "Community development" heading for all community developments (including new people helping with l10n, QA, and new committers); new committers are already listed in our quarterly report. However, if you prefer two separate headings, no problem.

  2. Sorry, but I would then "Activities" call, because "development" is misleading, because it is usually understood as software development.
    Please understand that members development something completely different than development of the number of translations etc.

    I have therefore changed to "Community activities". OK?

  3. I'm so sorry, I had overlooked it comes to "new translation teams" and not "new translations".

    I have therefore the title again changed back to "community development"