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MyFaces Quarterly Report January 2015

The Apache MyFaces project is an umbrella project of the Apache Software Foundation
for projects relating to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology.


  • No new Committers (since November 2013)

  • No new PMC Members (since July 2011)

  • No new Contributors

The MyFaces community is stable. Besides working on new releases, we discuss upcoming topics.
-> Community business as usual (nothing special to report).



  • MyFaces (sub) projects with new releases since the last report:
    • MyFaces Core 2.2.6 (12/November/14)
    • MyFaces Tobago 2.0.3 (12/October/14)
    • MyFaces Tobago 2.0.4 (22/November/14)
    • MyFaces Tobago 2.0.5 (20/December/14)


The TCK issue mentioned in our January report for 2014 still exists.

There are no new issues that require the board's attention at this time.


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