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1.2.1 (November 17th, 2014)

The first maintenance release brings a whole set of fixes (especially from the admin console) and few improvements including a new feature which allows to configure which attributes to display on user's and role's forms.

Upgrading from 1.2.0? There are some notes about this.


  • [SYNCOPE-554] - Class Cast Exception when syncronization task starts
  • [SYNCOPE-557] - Exception during report execution when matching condition is not provided for user and role reportlets
  • [SYNCOPE-560] - build-tools classes artifact not published to Maven repository
  • [SYNCOPE-561] - HTML reports not displayed correctly with no external resources
  • [SYNCOPE-562] - Duplicated configuration parameters in the CATTR table
  • [SYNCOPE-564] - Error while viewing user details in approval request workflow from Approvers login
  • [SYNCOPE-565] - Error on ResourceModalPage when override a SpinnerField in the ConnectorModalPage
  • [SYNCOPE-566] - Name attribute value disappears after changing attribute type during schema manipulation
  • [SYNCOPE-567] - Security question is not displayed correctly during password reset
  • [SYNCOPE-568] - Connectors configuration "check connection"
  • [SYNCOPE-569] - The user status is not propagated on the resources
  • [SYNCOPE-571] - ResourceConnConfPanel feedback panel does not work
  • [SYNCOPE-572] - overridable resource connector properties cannot be changed
  • [SYNCOPE-574] - NullPointerException in ConnInstanceDataBinder with Java 8
  • [SYNCOPE-576] - The values of configuration parameters are not saved
  • [SYNCOPE-578] - Role bulk delete not working
  • [SYNCOPE-596] - Standalone persistence not configured for H2
  • [SYNCOPE-597] - Error when serializating SyncToken with byte array type during sync task from Active Directory
  • [SYNCOPE-598] - Push Task fails on role with LDAP resource with rolemapping defined
  • [SYNCOPE-600] - Approval chains do not work from second form onwards
  • [SYNCOPE-601] - AD deleted object synchronization fails if a sync policy is specified on one or more attributes that can have no values on Syncope
  • [SYNCOPE-603] - Remote unauthorized exception when a user makes a request to add a role to his profile
  • [SYNCOPE-605] - Impossible to update the connector capabilities


  • [SYNCOPE-570] - Remove usage of deprecated com.thoughtworks.selenium.Selenium
  • [SYNCOPE-575] - Choose between stable and snapshot release
  • [SYNCOPE-599] - Enhance console's authorization.xml parsing
  • [SYNCOPE-602] - Make form approver available as workflow variable
  • [SYNCOPE-604] - allow configuring empty connid location list

New Feature

  • [SYNCOPE-558] - Ability to configure which user, role and membership attributes to display, and in which order


  • [SYNCOPE-573] - Upgrade ConnId connectors to latest versions featuring ConnId

1.2.0 (October 3rd, 2014)

After a single milestone release, here is the official Apache Syncope 1.2.0 Intermezzo, fixing some bugs found in M1 and introducing some enhancements and, most of all, the long-awaited password reset feature.

Upgrading from 1.2.0-M1? There are some notes about this.


  • [SYNCOPE-529] - Install through HTTP proxy
  • [SYNCOPE-552] - Provide Activiti modeler installation feature to installer


  • [SYNCOPE-547] - Cannot send e-mails out when SMTP server requires authentication
  • [SYNCOPE-548] - Provide Activiti Modeler setup instructions
  • [SYNCOPE-549] - Activiti Modeler always show the default workflow definition
  • [SYNCOPE-551] - Admin console shows 24 roles at most in the role tree
  • [SYNCOPE-553] - Internal Server Error when creating account policy
  • [SYNCOPE-556] - Error in the enum schema when trying to add new enumeration value/label


  • [SYNCOPE-550] - Provide cleaner user workflow definition for production
  • [SYNCOPE-555] - check for id != 0 in *Controller.resolveReference()

New Feature

1.2.0-M1 (September 8th, 2014)

Upgrading from 1.1.X? There are some notes about this.

We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on how to report problems, and to get involved, visit the project website.

What's new

GUI installer

Apache Syncope finally provides a simple way to create and maintain a custom project, configure some properties - like as the RDBMS for internal storage - and deploy to one of supported Java EE containers.

DEB packages 

.deb packages are available for easy deployment on Debian GNU / Linux and Ubuntu.


Besides the XML editor available since previous versions, a new graphical editor based on Activiti Modeler is now provided, allowing easier workflow management from within the Syncope web admin console.

Activiti is also supported to its latest version 5.16.2.


After making the non-standard Spring-MVC interface deprecated in 1.1.0, the RESTful interface has been extensively improved:

  • JAX-RS 2.0 via Apache CXF 3.0
  • JAX-RS search via Feed Item Query Language
  • Support for Prefer header
  • Support for ETag header
  • Returning error information via X-Application-Error-Code and X-Application-Error-Info
  • Live documentation, dynamically generated from WADL
  • Java client library

External resource management

  • Fine-grain control over the relationship among internal entities (say users) and external accounts: (un)link, (un)associate, (de)provision
  • Pass-through authentication: flexible authentication of Syncope REST services and admin console against internal storage or one of connected resources
  • Support for synchronizing and propagating non-cleartext values - allowing to manage encrypted passwords from external resources
  • ConnId


  • Various notification improvements
  • Support for binary and encrypted values - either for users, roles and memberships
  • Logback replaced by Apache Log4j 2 with its insane performance




  • [SYNCOPE-285] - Complete CXF migration
  • [SYNCOPE-349] - Sorting scope is limited to each page
  • [SYNCOPE-351] - Errors when editing role membership assignment in notifications (About and Recipients)
  • [SYNCOPE-352] - No connectors available on clean install
  • [SYNCOPE-353] - UserTemplate evaluation generates unjustified attributes to be removed
  • [SYNCOPE-354] - LDAP Membership propagation does not remove memberships
  • [SYNCOPE-356] - Unable to set resource for role via the console
  • [SYNCOPE-357] - When deleting role on external resource, also remove from there users with resource assigned only via that role
  • [SYNCOPE-358] - ConnectorService#list invocation with null parameter actually calls ConnectorService#readByResource
  • [SYNCOPE-360] - Removing Role mapping from External Resource fails
  • [SYNCOPE-361] - When creating new report, the modal window does not close and an exception is logged
  • [SYNCOPE-363] - ApacheDS not available since second run of the standalone distribution
  • [SYNCOPE-364] - Rejected users are anyway propagate to associated resources
  • [SYNCOPE-365] - External attribute disabled in case of schema info not available
  • [SYNCOPE-366] - Uniform constraint violation building
  • [SYNCOPE-367] - ConfigurationTestITCase#browseAccountPolicy Selenium test fails
  • [SYNCOPE-368] - Cannot add 'RoleOwnerSchema' mapping item via console
  • [SYNCOPE-369] - Wrong error message on failed login
  • [SYNCOPE-370] - HTTP Status 404 adding a role to a user with IE8
  • [SYNCOPE-371] - Console RuntimeException with multiple sessions for the same user
  • [SYNCOPE-372] - Connector error before save
  • [SYNCOPE-373] - 500 when self reading admin user
  • [SYNCOPE-375] - QUARTZ tables are not written into an innodb mysql DB for an mvn generated and created project
  • [SYNCOPE-376] - Console webapp does not start on Glassfish
  • [SYNCOPE-377] - Exporting configuration via console causes exceptions to be thrown
  • [SYNCOPE-380] - Deleting a role from admin console throws an exception
  • [SYNCOPE-381] - Adding and saving roles with resources during save
  • [SYNCOPE-382] - Core hangs for a very long time (1h+ and then resumes) after a CLI role create and list
  • [SYNCOPE-383] - Failure assigning resource to an existing user
  • [SYNCOPE-384] - Issues with CXF and Glassfish
  • [SYNCOPE-385] - NPE when reading user assigned to resource with no mapping
  • [SYNCOPE-386] - Database sync (no full reconciliation) fails with "Unsupported object class"
  • [SYNCOPE-387] - Unable to synchronize deleted objects from OpenDJ
  • [SYNCOPE-394] - Scheduled tasks are executed without transaction support
  • [SYNCOPE-396] - removeAll and retainAll in PropagationByResource dont evaluate correctly boolean expression
  • [SYNCOPE-397] - Double update propagation with virtual attributes on already associated resource when changing password and adding new resource
  • [SYNCOPE-398] - secretKey does not get resolved during archetype:generate
  • [SYNCOPE-399] - Role attribute mapping for user mapping item doesn't result in a multivalue property
  • [SYNCOPE-400] - Poor search performance on MySQL
  • [SYNCOPE-401] - Deploying syncope.war with MSSQL server settings to Tomcat on Windows results in Error listenerStart
  • [SYNCOPE-404] - LDAP Roles lose entitlement upon LDAP synchronization
  • [SYNCOPE-414] - Cannot successfully deploy on Weblogic 12c (12.1.1)
  • [SYNCOPE-417] - Users are made active when updating in NoOpWorkflowAdapter
  • [SYNCOPE-418] - Special chars break REST URLs
  • [SYNCOPE-419] - Meaningless error message when attempting to delete user owning role
  • [SYNCOPE-423] - Improve notifications
  • [SYNCOPE-426] - UserService#update and RoleService#update require entity id to be specified twice
  • [SYNCOPE-433] - Counting search results fails with MySQL when OR condition is used
  • [SYNCOPE-434] - Users can log in the admin console despite of their status
  • [SYNCOPE-435] - Password not mandatory when subscribing external resource
  • [SYNCOPE-436] - Read-only virtual attribute values not retrieved from external resource
  • [SYNCOPE-437] - Wrong ID generation for new Notification instances
  • [SYNCOPE-440] - Timestamp based synchronization miss events
  • [SYNCOPE-452] - Generated project not starting in embedded mode
  • [SYNCOPE-453] - Propagation problem with role virtual attribute mapped in user mapping
  • [SYNCOPE-454] - Update user without password specification involving resource with "Generate password if missing" enabled, sends password out anyway
  • [SYNCOPE-455] - Role child implicit delete won't be propagated during parent delete
  • [SYNCOPE-457] - Must be able to configure JavaMailSender used by NotificationJob
  • [SYNCOPE-458] - Change membership virtual attribute management
  • [SYNCOPE-459] - Read-only virtual attribute cannot be added for a user by admin console
  • [SYNCOPE-462] - Upgrade Spring to 3.2.7
  • [SYNCOPE-465] - Selected items lost browsing paged results
  • [SYNCOPE-466] - Server error when updating an existing policy to its global counterpart
  • [SYNCOPE-475] - After session expired, console shows split screen
  • [SYNCOPE-476] - NPE opening Roles tab
  • [SYNCOPE-477] - Alert popup appears through page navigation after modal window closing
  • [SYNCOPE-482] - Updating workflow definition throught console XML editor doesn't really update
  • [SYNCOPE-483] - Configured CSVDir connector doesn't work fine
  • [SYNCOPE-489] - Feedback panel not working in workflow xml editor popup
  • [SYNCOPE-490] - Problem returning to login page with manual url insertion after typing invalid username and/or password
  • [SYNCOPE-495] - List of role(s) assigned to user is deleted in edit user modal page if cancel button of role modal page is clicked
  • [SYNCOPE-497] - JEXL Frame positioning error
  • [SYNCOPE-498] - Connector SpinnerFieldPanel required values
  • [SYNCOPE-499] - Deletion of role set as parent role in template generates exception
  • [SYNCOPE-500] - Wrong (unwanted) derived attribute insertion addition in membership modal page
  • [SYNCOPE-501] - Virtual attribute propagation not working when updating only virtual attributes
  • [SYNCOPE-504] - Sync/Push actions shouldn't be executed in dryrun
  • [SYNCOPE-506] - Connector configuration tab in connector modal page does not accept new values
  • [SYNCOPE-509] - In Task page after change of number of rows (to display) is erroneously added a column to tasks table
  • [SYNCOPE-510] - Class cast exception in AbstractSearchPanel
  • [SYNCOPE-512] - If there are no roles in edit user modal page is possible to create membership between root (fake) role and user
  • [SYNCOPE-514] - Core doesn't deploy on Glassfish
  • [SYNCOPE-515] - Bad integration test causes role ownership conflicts
  • [SYNCOPE-518] - ApacheDS connector in test samples cannot be modified
  • [SYNCOPE-527] - Stacktrace on BulkAction result
  • [SYNCOPE-531] - Failed login counter not reset if log.lastlogindate==false
  • [SYNCOPE-532] - Installer does not pick Syncope version from POM
  • [SYNCOPE-539] - Edit user with resources causes Ajax failure
  • [SYNCOPE-540] - Console build fails on Windows
  • [SYNCOPE-543] - Role's "Inherit Attributes" does not inherit from parent role for check box attribute
  • [SYNCOPE-545] - Date field without conversion pattern specified goes in NPE if deleting date


  • [SYNCOPE-15] - Manage creator, lastmodifier and approvers information about each SyncopeUser bean
  • [SYNCOPE-131] - Assign membership and role schemas to either all memberships / roles or only some memberships / roles
  • [SYNCOPE-132] - Don't expose some REST list methods for anonymous
  • [SYNCOPE-133] - Add UserRequestController.execute() that will execute the provided UserRequest and remove it on success
  • [SYNCOPE-145] - Configurable user request approval
  • [SYNCOPE-149] - Easier and cleaner way to override REST methods
  • [SYNCOPE-151] - Document RESTful services
  • [SYNCOPE-153] - Use logback-audit
  • [SYNCOPE-290] - Typed SyncopeConf
  • [SYNCOPE-298] - Persistence beans: change AUTO Id generation strategy to TABLE
  • [SYNCOPE-300] - Supporting Feed Item Query Language (FIQL)
  • [SYNCOPE-303] - Mapping to SyncopeClientCompositeException on client side
  • [SYNCOPE-304] - Mapping low level exceptions in core
  • [SYNCOPE-313] - Support synchronizing non-cleartext passwords from external resources
  • [SYNCOPE-359] - Ignore propagation if no schema mapping is provided
  • [SYNCOPE-362] - Disable mapping tab when the underlying connector does not support correspondent ObjectClass
  • [SYNCOPE-374] - SyncopeUser tokens do not use secure random strings
  • [SYNCOPE-390] - Default Reportlets improvements
  • [SYNCOPE-391] - Make password management optional
  • [SYNCOPE-392] - Full reconciliation from syncope to resource
  • [SYNCOPE-393] - Resource unlink
  • [SYNCOPE-395] - Role Reportlet
  • [SYNCOPE-402] - Inconsistent status of user edit form after exception returned by bad propagation on primary resource
  • [SYNCOPE-403] - Enrich PropagationStatusTO to report possible propagation exception message
  • [SYNCOPE-405] - Replace logback with log4j 2
  • [SYNCOPE-406] - Invoke bean validation via JPA entity listener
  • [SYNCOPE-407] - Add claim for user requests and trace user request history into SyncopeUser bean
  • [SYNCOPE-408] - Add index on task.executed
  • [SYNCOPE-409] - Allow notifications with empty about field
  • [SYNCOPE-410] - Make username pattern configurable via account policy
  • [SYNCOPE-411] - Perform retries on failed notifications
  • [SYNCOPE-413] - Clean activiti history for unused variables
  • [SYNCOPE-415] - Reduce log level of bean validation errors
  • [SYNCOPE-416] - AttributableSearchDAOImpl / Avoid query construction with string concatenation
  • [SYNCOPE-420] - Provide user / role pre-processing mechanism
  • [SYNCOPE-421] - Provide an attribute value pre-processing mechanism
  • [SYNCOPE-422] - Improve audit info
  • [SYNCOPE-424] - Resolve OpenJPA dependency overlap
  • [SYNCOPE-425] - Further REST refactoring
  • [SYNCOPE-427] - Add CSV report format
  • [SYNCOPE-428] - Provide resource link, associate and provision independent features
  • [SYNCOPE-429] - Support ETag-based conditional requests for users and roles
  • [SYNCOPE-430] - Support returning no content after create / update
  • [SYNCOPE-431] - Provide debug logging for controller methods' input and output
  • [SYNCOPE-432] - Replace role action labels with icons
  • [SYNCOPE-438] - Provide values for ConnId's APIConfiguration via ConnInstance entities
  • [SYNCOPE-439] - Embed Activiti modeler for graphical workflow editing
  • [SYNCOPE-441] - Index on Activiti table boosts overall performance
  • [SYNCOPE-442] - Use cached virtual attribute values with offline resources
  • [SYNCOPE-443] - Use WebJars to avoid including 3rd party JS and CSS files
  • [SYNCOPE-444] - Notification: improve 'selfAsRecipient' management
  • [SYNCOPE-445] - Provide a text field to specify whatever notification recipient
  • [SYNCOPE-446] - Notification: let admins specify "About" for roles
  • [SYNCOPE-447] - Provide the ability to have a single (cumulative) notification for task execution
  • [SYNCOPE-450] - Support JAX-RS 2.0
  • [SYNCOPE-460] - Default datasource uses BasicDataSource
  • [SYNCOPE-461] - Use BeanValidation 1.1 with JAX-RS services
  • [SYNCOPE-464] - Report error information in HTTP body
  • [SYNCOPE-468] - Add information to what components refer to a certain policy
  • [SYNCOPE-469] - Group policies and logs under configuration
  • [SYNCOPE-479] - Use X-Application-Error-Code Response header instead of ExceptionType
  • [SYNCOPE-480] - Change feedback panel into a smart animated notification panel
  • [SYNCOPE-485] - Upgrade to Activiti 5.15.1
  • [SYNCOPE-486] - Update Selenium test configuration
  • [SYNCOPE-487] - make Velocity tools available in templates for notifications
  • [SYNCOPE-488] - Use CXF Maven WADL plugin
  • [SYNCOPE-491] - Use consistent icon set
  • [SYNCOPE-492] - Provide possibility to activate/deactivate notifications
  • [SYNCOPE-493] - Provide new user and role mapping purpose "NONE"
  • [SYNCOPE-502] - Allow list of PropagationActions for Resource, SyncActions for SyncTask and PushActions for PushTask
  • [SYNCOPE-505] - Support propagating non-cleartext passwords to external resources
  • [SYNCOPE-507] - User login date conditional logging
  • [SYNCOPE-511] - Enhance synchronization report information
  • [SYNCOPE-513] - Make value encryption parametric
  • [SYNCOPE-516] - Binary Schema UI enhancements
  • [SYNCOPE-517] - Empower ETag from console
  • [SYNCOPE-519] - Report default values for connector properties
  • [SYNCOPE-520] - Move reset sync token to resource actions
  • [SYNCOPE-524] - Use JSON for serialized POJOs in the internal storage
  • [SYNCOPE-536] - Upgrade to Activiti 5.16
  • [SYNCOPE-538] - Externalize all WAR configuration

New Feature



  • [SYNCOPE-340] - Translate items of Syncope UI and config files labels for Portuguese language
  • [SYNCOPE-535] - Provide Debian packages for Apache Syncope
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