This is a great article... wish I could see the text... or I'll write it myself when I figure out how to do it.

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  1. No tutorial here, harrumph.

  2. Any idea when and if something is available to integrate the two frameworks. I'm really itching to figure out how the two can be integrated.

  3. i am more interested how people would see this..
    What do you want to integrate?
    Who is going to make the integration between Wicket and Tapestry or Wicket and Struts when we are at it?
    Because i dont see much difference..
    GWT is a web framework by itself that uses services on the backend.. would wicket be such a service?

    Looking at this title: GWT Widgets as Wicket components.. So you would have a GWT widget in the browser and on the serverside? Where is then the code/action when i click on such a widget? on the server? or on the client? In other words what does an integration really give you?

  4. Actually it's not so far fetched. GWT components don't have to talk back to the sever to work. You could create some pretty sophisticated client side components that still worked with wicket in the normal way. a formatting textfield for instance.

    I plan myself to try that out, but of course I haven't had time yet... its going to need a spike at some later time when I actually need what it would produce.