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  • Apache ActiveMQ Board Report - 2015.07 (July)
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TLP Description:

Apache ActiveMQ is a popular and powerful open source messaging server. Apache ActiveMQ is fast, supports many cross language clients and protocols, comes with easy to use enterprise integration patterns and many advanced features while fully supporting JMS 1.1, J2EE 1.4, AMQP 1.0.


* The development and user lists continue to remain active
* Kevin Burton voted in as a committer on 27 June 2015


* Development on ActiveMQ 5.12 is in progress and remains very active
* Development on ActiveMQ Artemis 1.0.1 is in progress and is active 

Trademark / Branding Status:  

* Sub-projects need to be reviewed to make sure they are also compliant with trademark policies
* Documentation also being reviewed for compliance


* No releases this month

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