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The video is not playing by default, play by clicking inside the video and pressing spacebar. Press '?' for help.


The horizontal scroll is an issue because my terminal's width was maximum at the time of the recording. I can probably make another demo with smaller terminal. In the meanwhile, this should be good enough. 


All the commands and most of the comments are mentioned in this file:


A note on how this was made if somebody wants to contribute or make another demo: I made a tool which on execution, puts next line of the commands file in clipboard. Then assigned it to a keyboard shortcut. For slow pasting, I used iTerm2's feature "paste slowly", assigned to another keyboard shortcut. After that, it was pretty easy: loop(shortcut1, shortcut2), and in between if I saw commands file might not have enough comments, inserted comments myself. That's why the actual demo has more comments than the commands file itself.


grep -A 33333333 <x_ is basically to remove the initial license declaration, so that the CLI doesn't get cluttered in the demo. It's basically acting as a replacement for cat

The next_line_in_clipboard tool is made on top of the following shell script:
head -n $cur_line $SHOWTERM_DEMO_DIR/commands | tail -n 1 | pbcopy
echo $((cur_line+1)) > $SHOWTERM_DEMO_DIR/counter



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    Thanks for your demo.