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IMPORTANT NOTE: This sub-project has been replaced by a Framework Re-Factor



Based on the feedback raised in on the mailing list discussion.

We are looking to investigate options and strategies for a possible update the OFBiz framework. We held an intial brainstorming session (e.g group call) on ??? to discuss possible strategies of how to plan and organise a potential sub project. Details of the call are ???.  If you are interested in being part of the working group on this please complete the details below.


NameContact DetailsLocation
Sharan Fogasharan at apache.orgPrague, Czech Republic
Adrian Crumadrian.crum at sandglass-software.comLos Angeles, California USA
Taher Alkhateeb Kuwait
Ron Wheelerrwheeler at artifact-software.comMontreal, Canada

Participant Etiquette

All ideas and suggestions are welcome! Please make your suggestions in the appropriate document's comments section - not in the document itself. When a consensus is reached, the document is updated. This will ensure the design documents are easy to read and understand.

Planning and Approach

Framework Foundation sub component project Goal: What do we want to Achieve?

In this proposed subproject we would like to implement the foundation sub component. This is the a core part of the overall framework that would initially comprise as follows:

  • Configuration.
  • Globalization (locale, time zone, currency).
  • Logging.
  • Security (authentication/authorization).
  • Actor Management (profiles, roles - required for security; Actors - people, external services) Think of UML Actor. Required to remove dependency on Party
  • Data Store (entity engine).
  • Lang package to provide classes that are fundamental to the framework
  • Services.
  • Runtime management

Initial Approach

Currently we don’t have enough information to build our implementation roadmap so have agreed on an approach that will help provide that information. Our main focus of work will be to expand and complete the existing Framework Design Documentation as follows:

TaskDescriptionStatusWho is Working on ItComments
1Describe and define what is meant by each of the 9 areas mentioned above. (what is it?, what does it do?)In ProgressRon, Taher, Adrian for review 
2To do this we will write the API specification for each on the wiki (NOTE: Even though the API spec will be written in Javadoc, we want to use the wiki rather than a repository at this stage as we want to validate and agree them before any coding starts )Not Started  
3Open the API specifications for review and comments from the community, and based on feedback, do any updatesNot Started  
4Once the API specifications are agreed, we will have more information about the work involved and should be able to put together an initial version of our implementation roadmapNot Started  

Initial Deliverables

  • An API Specification for each of the 9 areas
  • An Implementation Roadmap for the Foundation sub component

Initial Milestones

  • Completion of each  API specification (includes feedback and community agreement) giving a total of 9

Milestone / Deliverable Planning and Tracking


ReferenceDeliverableStatusDate CompletedComments
FRAPI1Configuration API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI2Globalization API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI3Logging API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI4Security API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI5Actor Management API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI6Data Store API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI7Language Package API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI8Services API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRAPI9Runtime Management API SpecificationNot Complete  
FRRMAPImplementation RoadmapNot Complete  


Outstanding  Actions


Reorganize Pages

This page describes a sub-component (Foundation) of the overall rewrite. It needs to be reorganized to reflect that it is a portion of the rewrite. The diagram below shows how this component fits into the overall rewrite.



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