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Create release branch

From 0.6.0 release

A release branch need to be created for major release.
Minor release is released from the same branch with different tag.
For example, release 0.6.0 will create branch 'branch-0.6', but release 0.6.1 will be released from the same branch 'branch-0.6' with different tag.

0.5.x release

Each 0.5.x release has it's own release branch 'branch-0.5.x'. The branch cuts 'master' branch on creation.

Bump up version and create tag

There are several places you need to bump up version before creating tag:

You can bump up the version and create tag from release branch by running `` script as below:

$ CURRENT_VERSION=[current ver.] RELEASE_VERSION=[release ver.] NEXT_DEV_VERSION=[next dev ver.] RC_TAG=[rc tag] GIT_BRANCH=[branch to create tag] dev/

For example


will bump up the version of all files mentioned above and create tag for 0.7.1 first release candidate.

Create release Candidate

Create source and binary package

Clone tagged version into the machine that'll create package.

'' script will create source and binary package for the release candidate under '/tmp/zeppelin-release' directory

$ GPG_PASSPHRASE=[your gpg passphrase] dev/ [Release version] [Tag name]

For example

$ GPG_PASSPHRASE=[your gpg passphrase] dev/ 0.6.0 v0.6.0-rc1

will create source and binary package for release '0.6.0' based on tag 'v0.6.0'

Upload release candidate

Created release candidate needs to be uploaded into svn repository[Release version]-[RC number]

for example, for 0.6.0 release candidate 1, contents of '/tmp/zeppelin-release' directory need to be uploaded into

Refer the link here.

Deploy maven artifact to staging repository

$ GPG_PASSPHRASE=[your gpg passphrase] ASF_USERID=[your asf user id] ASF_PASSWORD=[your asf password] dev/ [Release version] [Tag name]

For example

$ GPG_PASSPHRASE=[your gpg passphrase] ASF_USERID=[your asf user id] ASF_PASSWORD=[your asf password] dev/ 0.6.0 v0.6.0-rc1

Start a vote in dev@list

Once release candidate is ready, start a vote thread in dev@ list. For example

[VOTE] Release Apache Zeppelin 0.6.0 (RC1)
Hi folks, 

I propose the following RC to be released for the Apache Zeppelin 
0.6.0 release. 

The commit id is 72e38d0b3c3ba8b08ba1176c2eb2c38661a54d31 :;a=commit;h=72e38d0b3c3ba8b08ba1176c2eb2c38661a54d31

This corresponds to the tag: v0.6.0-rc1 :;a=tag;h=refs/tags/v0.6.0-rc1

The release archives (tgz), signature, and checksums are here

The release candidate consists of the following source distribution archive 

In addition, the following supplementary binary distributions are provided 
for user convenience at the same location 

The maven artifacts are here

You can find the KEYS file here:

Release notes available at

Vote will be open for next 72 hours (close at 7am 8/Nov PDT). 

[ ] +1 approve 
[ ] 0 no opinion 
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why) 

Once vote is passed, post result into the dev@list. For example

[RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache Zeppelin 0.6.0 (RC1)
The vote passes with 7 binding +1 votes, 9 non-binding +1 votes, and no +0 
or -1 votes. Thanks for everyone who verified rc and voted. 

DuyHai Doan 
Anthony Corbacho* 
Khalid Huseynov 
Jeff Steinmetz 
Victor Manuel Garcia 
Felix Cheung 
Jonathan Kelly 
Corneu Damien* 
Alexander Bezzubov* 
Madhuka Udantha 
Jian Zhong 
Guillaume Alleon 
Henry Saputra* 
Jongyoul Lee* 
Mina Lee* 
Moon soo Lee* 




Vote thread:

Publish the release

Move release package from dev to release

for example

$ svn mv -m 'Move 0.6.0 to release folder'

Create tag for release and clean up tags for rc

Create tag without name 'rc' and remove all 'rc' tags. Make sure that release version archived under before creating tag so that docker build succeed without error.

git tag v0.9.0-preview1 v0.9.0-preview1-rc1
git push apache v0.9.0-preview1
git push apache :v0.9.0-preview1-rc1

Remove old release

Old release should be removed from Old releases are automatically archived (See for more details.)

Release maven artifacts

Release staging repo from

Add release to reporter tool( after releasing maven artifacts.

Close JIRA issue version

'Release' released version from JIRA

Publish documents

  • Create and publish document for released version.
  • Create and publish document for next development version.
  • Update latest version redirect rule: Update latest doc page to point new release version in .htacess .
  • DOAP file: Add new entry of the release in doap.rdf.

Here is example to publish documents to svn repo

# Make sure you are using python 2.7
# Build release version document
$ git clone
$ cd zeppelin
$ git checkout v0.6.0
$ cd docs
# Update file _config.yml (ASSET_PATH & ZEPPELIN_VERSION & BASE_PATH)
$ bundle exec jekyll build --safe
# checkout ASF repo and copy release document to it
$ svn co asf-zeppelin
$ cp -R _site asf-zeppelin/site/docs/0.6.0
# Do the same for snapshot version if you are releasing a new major version, e.g. 0.9.0
# Build develop version document 
$ git checkout master
$ bundle exec jekyll build --safe
# copy develop version document to ASF repo
$ cp -R _site asf-zeppelin/site/docs/0.7.0-SNAPSHOT
# go to Zeppelin directory and clone gh-pages
$ cd ..
$ git clone -b gh-pages gh-pages
$ cd gh-pages
# Update file, doap.rdf,,, _navigation.html
$ JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build
# copy main page to ASF repo
$ cp -R _site/* ../docs/asf-zeppelin/site
# add and delete directories to svn repo
$ cd ../docs/asf-zeppelin/site/docs
$ svn delete 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT
$ svn add 0.6.0
$ svn add 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT
$ svn commit -m "Publish document 0.6.0 and 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT"

Check release status

Before announcing the release, you need to check the apache release status page to confirm there's no problem in the release process.

Announce the release

New release can be announced to some mailing lists such as

  • announce at
  • users at
  • dev at

Here's an example of an announce.

Please also include a short description of what Apache Zeppelin is or does as the first paragraph i.e 

 Zeppelin is a collaborative data analytics and visualization tool for distributed, general-purpose data processing systems such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink, etc.

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