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Atlas 0.8.2 (Planned for Feb-2018)

  • Search improvements:
    • Basic search enhancement to optionally exclude sub-type entities and sub-classification-types
    • Basic search to return classification attributes
    • Support for saving searches
    • UI support to reorder columns in search results page
  • UI - updates for classification rendering – tree/flat view
  • UI – minification of js, css; cache busting for static content (css, js)
  • notification updates to handle large messages
  • fix type initialization issues in HA deployment
  • In HA, the passive node redirects the request with wrong URL encoding
  • tool kit to recover from lost/bad index data

Atlas 1.0.0-alpha (Released on 2018/01/25)

  • Core model enhancement to support Relationship as first-class construct
  • Support for JanusGraph graph database
  • New DSL implementation, using ANTLR instead of Scala
  • HBase Hook
  • Search improvements:
    • support for filtering by entity/tag attribute values
    • support to include additional entity attributes in search results
    • suppor for saved-searches
  • Addition of models for Area1 (Collaboration), Area3 (Glossary)
  • Removal of older type system implementation in atlas-typesystem library
  • Jackson library update from 1.9.13 to 2.9.2

Please note that this is an alpha/technical-preview release and is not recommended for production use. There is no support for migration of data from earlier version of Apache Atlas. Also, the data generated using this alpha release may not migrate to Apache Atlas 1.0 GA release.

Atlas 0.8.1 (Released on 2017/08/29)

  • Basic-search improvement in use of index for attribute filtering
  • DSL query enhancement to support 'like' operator
  • REST API and UI enhancements to update classification attributes
  • Export/import support to copy data between Apache Atlas instances
  • Ability to delete a tag from UI (and API)
  • UI enhancements: lineage, attribute search filter, ability to search historical data
  • Knox SSO for Atlas REST APIs
  • Moved from use of Guice + Spring framework for dependency-injection to use only Spring framework

Atlas 0.8-incubating (Released on 2017/03/16)

  • API revamp - new, structured REST API
  • Simplified search UI
  • UI to create/update entities - HDFS/HBase/Kafka
  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • Knox SSO for Atlas UI

Atlas 0.7.1-incubating (Released on 2017/01/29)

  • Performance and scalability improvements (ATLAS-1403, ATLAS-1404)
  • Bug fixes

Atlas 0.7-incubating (Released on 2016/07/09)

  • High Availability (ATLAS-510)
  • Business Catalog / Taxonomy (ATLAS-491)
  • Improved Hive Integration (ATLAS-492)
  • Improved Sqoop Integration
  • Improved Falcon Integration
  • Improved Storm Integration
  • Improved Ambari Deployment & Management Support
  • Entity Versioning / Audit (ATLAS-493)
  • Performance Improvements
  • Authorization (ATLAS-497)
  • Atlas / Ranger Authorization Integration (ATLAS-495)
  • Standalone HBase Support (ATLAS-498)
  • Upgrade Support (ATLAS-631)

Atlas 0.6-incubating (Released on 2015/12/30)

  • Improved Hive Server 2 Integration
  • Sqoop Integration
  • Falcon Integration
  • Storm Integration
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Atlas / Ranger Integration 

Atlas 0.5-incubating (Released on 2015/07/09)

  • Hive Server 2 Integration
  • Basic Hive Lineage
  • Basic Ambari Integration
  • Kerberos Support
  • DSL for query of datastore
  • Basic Storage of Metadata
  • Support for BerkleyDB
  • Support for Titan 0.5
  • Support 

Release folders are available at :

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to reach out to the Atlas development list (

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