is a new jenkins deployment to replace j.bac.o. The objective in the mean time is to set base for the CI project that will be used to test against all PR, master branch and release branches. here are some key values that are expected to be provided by the new CI system:

  • Jenkins automated jobs that allow remote test execution
  • Reuse jobs artifact to speedup tests and deployment process
  • Centralize test results per build or PR
  • facilitate creation and activation of new jenkins slave.



Infrastructure services

  • Chef Server used by jenkins slave to install all require dependency depending on the type of slave to deploy,
  • artifact archives: Object Storage service to provide Artifact archival or repository to facilitate sharing of packages between build tasks.
  • Test results archival: repository to store test results for PR's, RC's or nightly builds.
  • Monitoring service, to monitor health of Jenkins infrastructure.
  • Test cases library => github


Infrastructure architecture


Build process

Pull Request

Build cycle for a github PR

Master branch

Nightly builds on master branch or Release branch if required.


Release Canditates

 Build process for an RC

Official Release

Build process for voted release that publish package repos.

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