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We would like to more people to use, contribute to, and maintain Airflow. These three aims align with the 3 main roles of members within our community : users, contributors, and committers/maintainers. We would like to instill a sense of ownership and pride among the members of our community by encouraging:

  • people to use Airflow
  • users to contribute to Airflow
  • contributors to become committers

You can contribute to Airflow in many ways such as:

Best Ways to Engage the Community!

There are many ways today for members of the community to connect with others in the community. These include :

  • Sending an email to (after registering, c.f. Contributors' Guide)
    • Best way to get a committer to answer a question
  • Asking a question on
    • Most often, another member of the community can guide you
    • Sometimes, a committer might pop in, but it's a bit too distracting for committers to closely monitor that channel today
    • Best way to get a quick response, but may not be from a committer
  • Open a JIRA when a bug is found & propose a PR with a Fix
    • Only way to get PRs approved or to report bugs


Does Your Company Use Airflow?

If so, then add your company (along with your GitHub handle) as links to the and submit a Pull Request (with associated JIRA). We'll happily merge it.

Details on Contributing

Getting Started

In order to contribute to Airflow, please be sure to:

Submitting PRs

Note that more information as to how to setup your environment and run tests locally and on Travis-CI is available on the on Github.

  • When filing PRs, remember to 
    • rebase your fork :
    • squash your commits
    • Create a JIRA for your bug fix/feature enhancement - point the JIRA "External Issue URL" to your PR URL
    • Preface your commit's subject & PR's title with [AIRFLOW-XXX], where XXX is the JIRA number, and add a JIRA link in the PR description
      • Some folks only preface the PR title with [AIRFLOW-XXX], but we also need the commit message subject to contain the JIRA id. This is because we use the subject line in the commit messages when creating the release notes. 
    • add an Apache License header to all new files
    • & follow the 7 rules of good Git commits


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