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The camel project uses this wiki to generate it's PDF based documentation. It uses the a Boom CSS based style sheet in conjunction with prince to generate the PDF manuals. The Book In One Page stitches together wiki content found through this wiki into a single page with is subsequently downloaded by the PDF generator and transformed into a PDF. This section will help you understand how to best use the wiki markup so that it generates good looking PDF pages.


Images show up differently on the web than on print. You normally need large images with a high DPI for them to print nicely on paper. This chapter will show you how to control the image sizing properties for PDF output.

Setting the Image DPI

A Large DPI setting will make the image shrink in the PDF output.

Sample DPI Settings

72 DPI

200 DPI

300 DPI

600 DPI

Tables Figures and Listings

Using the BOOM micro format to add captions to tables and headings. We should really create some confluence macros for this.

Captioned Tables

Use wiki markup similar to:

To produce:

Example Table






value 4

Captioned Figures

Use wiki markup similar to:

To produce:

Example Figure.

Captioned Listings

Use wiki markup similar to:

To produce:


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