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Fork the GitHub ASF Mirror Repo

Assume we have a forked repo at

Work On a New Feature

Assume we have cloned the forked repo, and will work on a feature called QUICKSTEP-101.

  1. git submodule update --init
  2. git checkout  -b quickstep-101
  3. git add some-changed-or-new-files
  4. Then test your changes doing at least the following:
    • Check if your code confirms to the code guidelines by running the following command from the root of the quickstep source directory: python third_party/cpplint/

    • Check for CMake validation errors by running the following command from the root of the quickstep source directory: python
    • Check for cyclic dependencies by running the following command from the root of the quickstep source directory: python
    • From the build directory, run all the tests using the command: ctest -j`sysctl -n hw.ncpu`
  5. If you have made changes to the parser to add new tokens and/or grammar rules, please run the script parser/ and check the generated files into the directory parser/preprocessed.
  6. git commit -m "QUICKSTEP-101: Added My Awesome Feature."
  7. git push origin quickstep-101

Sometimes, there may be code review comments after a PR has been opened. Address these comments and then do the following: 

  1. git add more-changed-or-new-files
  2. git commit -m "Addressed Review Comments."

Finally, once the PR is ready to be merged (i.e. it has passed all the tests and the python validation scripts as described above), we need to squash all the commits into one commit. We cherry pick the first commit, and squash all the rest as follows:

  1. git remote add asf-mirror
  2. git remove -v
  3. git fetch asf-mirror master
  4. git rebase -i asf-mirror/master
  5. In the editor, you should see something like: 
    pick QUICKSTEP-101: Added My Awesome Feature.
    pick Addressed Review Comments.
  6. While still in the editor, modify the second line to the following.
    f Addressed Review Comments.
  7. Check the git log using: git log.
  8. Check the "Author" field in the last commit with the intended name and email. Amend if needed.
  9. Now you are ready to push the code. You can do that using: git push origin quickstep-101 -f

Create a Pull Request (PR) for the new feature

Use the GitHub ASF mirror repo:, and set the title to, in this case, QUICKSTEP-101: Added My Awesome Feature.

Committers will merge the PR under Code Review Guidelines.


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