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Release in progress..


  • [RANGER-1100] - Hive authorizer does not block update when row-filter/column-mask is specified on the table for the user
  • [RANGER-1107] - Performance trace to measure policy download performance in plugins
  • [RANGER-1126] - Authorization checks for non existent file/directory should not be recursive in Ranger Hive authorizer
  • [RANGER-1129] - Ability to specify 'audit all accesses' via Ranger admin configuration
  • [RANGER-1145] - Policy engine optimization: convert wildcard matches into prefix and suffix match
  • [RANGER-1146] - Policy engine optimization: dynamic reordering of policy evaluation order
  • [RANGER-1155] - Good coding practices in Ranger : Potential performance/correctness issues uncovered by static code analysis
  • [RANGER-1156] - Audit migration script from DB to Solr cloud failing
  • [RANGER-1160] - Ranger installation is failing for MSSQL db flavor
  • [RANGER-1161] - Policy engine optimization: use prefix filter to reduce number of policies evaluated
  • [RANGER-1162] - Tag lookup optimization: use prefix lookup to reduce number of evaluators attempted
  • [RANGER-1166] - Auto complete wait time needs to be increased on Ranger UI
  • [RANGER-1167] - Ranger admin UI loading issues in Internet Explorer
  • [RANGER-1169] - The global audit settings specified by Ranger configuration parameter values should always be honored by the plug-ins.
  • [RANGER-1170] - Improvement of Unit Test coverage in Ranger
  • [RANGER-1171] - Invert authorization logic in RangerKafkaAuthorizer
  • [RANGER-1173] - Improve Ranger database schema import logic and make it more robust
  • [RANGER-1175] - Create policy fails for updated servicedef


  • [RANGER-1158] - Update version from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2-SNAPSHOT for branch-0.6
  • [RANGER-1193] - Release Ranger 0.6.2

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