PLEASE NOTE:   In May 2023, the Project Management Committee voted to DEPRECATE this project.  

"The Fineract community agrees that despite some good ideas and early interest, the lack of a formal release of FineractCN after five years indicates that the project is not a major focus of the community.  Therefore the community will deprecate the FineractCN project, removing language from the front landing page and some wiki pages.  If there is NOT renewed interest before October 1st then the vote is to remove and archive the FineractCN project." (PMC, June 1, 2023)


Table of Contents

Intro to Fineract-CN (DEPRECATED)
Running Fineract-CN
Fineract-CN Open Issues
Design Principles, Patterns & Architecture
Apache Fineract CN Users Guide
Fineract CN Functional Specifications
Fineract CN Project Structure
Apache Fineract CN Community Roadmap
Apache Fineract CN API Documentation
Containerizing Fineract CN
Fineract CN Compliance Report

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  1. This sub-project of the Fineract community is being DEPRECATED due to lack of a release.  
    The formality of a release and an active community contributing code is a requirement for remaining a project.