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Sling is a framework to develop content centric web applications based on the idea of modularizing the rendering of HTTP resources.

Sling entered incubation on September 5th, 2007.


  • We had a very active month with adding microsling and based on this project developping and voting the new Sling API replacing the form Component API. Currently we are migrating the project sources to the new API.
  • Sling present at ApacheCon US 07 with a FeatherTalk and a BOF


  • microsling added to Sling as simple entry level framework exhibiting the mechanisms of Sling. microsling was also used as a proof of concept for the new Sling API and greatly influenced its evolution.
  • Two contributions of the community added to microsling and Sling: Freemarker support by Padraic Hannon and Ruby integration by Shawn Anderson.

Issues before graduation

  • Make an incubating Sling release
  • Grow a more diverse community (so far only commits from Day employees)

Licensing and other issues

  • none
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