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The Apache Camel logo is a bit out dated so we have discussed in the Camel PMC and community to come up with a new one.
We encourage anyone to participate by submitting a logo proposal and/or share thoughts

The logo can be submitted by either:

And each logo should be:

  • images should be added to docs/img
  • each PR should contains a single logo

We are looking for a new logo that has two parts

  • graphical logo
  • name: Apache Camel

So we can use the logo without the word Apache Camel, but also as a combination of the two of them, eg as logo on the Camel front page.
Also if the logo can be vector based it would be a benefit, so it can scale up and down nicely.

You can find details here how to contribute to the project and how to work on the source code.
Such as how to do a github PR:

The period is open until Monday 27th March 2017

After the period the submitted logos will be in a public vote, and the outcome of that vote will influence the decision on which logo to use as the official Apache Camel logo.

At this time of writing there are two proposals submitted at PRs:

More information and questions can be asked at the JIRA ticket:

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