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Repository Options

Security Options

Property nameDescriptionDefault ValueRequired 

Default directory by which we will MiNiFi will search supplementary files, such
as certificates, if a full path is not specified.

nifi.flow.configuration.fileYAML configuration file that will be used to create the flowsconfig.ymlY
nifi.flow.engine.threadsMaximum number of threads used to limit the component lifecycle thread pool8N
nifi.administrative.yield.durationYield value that will be incurred for a processor when errors occur0N

Yield value that will be used when processors declare there is no work to do
or when backpressure is applied

nifi.flowcontroller.graceful.shutdown.periodTiming period used to allow the flow controller to gracefully shut down before
a hard shutdown is performed.
nifi.log.levelLog level for the MiNiFi C++ agentinfoN
nifi.server.nameName of the NiFI server N
nifi.server.portServer port for the NiFi instance to which we are communicating N protocol server reporting interval1sN
nifi.flow.configuration.class.nameFlow configuration class, used to configure the FlowControllerYamlConfigurationN

Repository Options

nifi.flow.repository.class.nameFlow Repository Class, used when instantiating the flow controller repoFlowRepositoryN
nifi.volatile.repository.optionsOptions used to define sub options for the volatile repository instancesn/aN
-- nifi.volatile.repository.options.<name>.max.countMaximum count for the defined volatile repository. <name> will be flowrepository
or provenancerepo
nifi.provenance.repository.class.nameProvenance repository class nameProvenanceRepositoryN repository maximum storage size10MN repository time limit that represents the maximum lifetime for an entry1MN provenance repository directory./provenance_repositoryN file repo maximum storage size10MN file repository time limit that represents the maximum lifetime for an entry1MN flow file repository directory./flowfile_repositoryN


nifi.remote.input.secureBoolean value that determines if protocols will use TLS versus clear socket
falseN if a client certificate is neededfalseN certificate Y (if above
true) Private key Y (if secure) phrase for the private key file, specified above Y (if secure) certificate  
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