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Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version 2.1

Geronimo URLs
Home Page:
Mailing Lists:
Source Code:
Bug Tracking:

Please see for the
latest documentation on this release.

System Requirements
You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+) or greater.

Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Geronimo 2.1 Enhancements

Custom server assemblies
- Lightweight server assemblies may be created that contain only the functional 
  components required by your application(s).

Flexible admin console
- The admin console is now component-based to mirror the server capabilities. 
  This allows the admin console to provide flexible administrative capabilities 
  that will mirrors the capabilities of a custom server assembly.

- GShell is a command-line processing environment that can be used for the execution
  of Geronimo commands. GShell is an extensible environment and includes support
  for editing, command history, and tab completion. 

Clustering Support
- WADI can now be used to support clustering of web applications for Geronimo configurations which
  use the Tomcat Web Container (WADI support for Jetty was in previous releases). 
- Applications can be deployed to administratively-defined groups of Geronimo servers

Monitoring Console Plugin
- The monitoring console plugin provides monitoring support in the Geronimo admin console. 
  The monitoring console can gather statistics and performance data from multiple Geronimo 
  servers and graphically display this data to users.

Certification Status
Apache Geronimo v2.1 has passed 100% of SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 
Certification Test Suite. See "Distributions" for further details.

Apache Geronimo v2.1 is available in five distributions so you can pick the 
one that better fits your environment.

The available distributions are as follows:

Certified distributions:
- Apache Geronimo with Tomcat web container, AXIS2 for Web Services and OpenJPA
  for persistence.
- Apache Geronimo with Jetty web container, CXF for Web Services and OpenJPA 
  for persistence.

Non-Certified distributions:
- Little-G with Tomcat web container, minimal configuration.
- Little-G with Jetty web container, minimal configuration.
- Geronimo framework, stripped down Geronimo pluggable framework.

Note: Non-Certified distributions do not contain a complete JavaEE5 stack and so 
cannot be certified.  Certified distributions can be reconfigured by the user 
(such as Tomcat web container with CXF for Web Services). 

Supported features
All programming elements of the Java EE 5.0 Specification are available.  

Known Issues and Limitations

** Bug
    * [GERONIMO-2246] - Why resource-env-ref:admin-object-module?
    * [GERONIMO-2340] - Network Listener state not persisted across server startups
    * [GERONIMO-2622] - Implement PolicyContextHandlerSOAPMessage
    * [GERONIMO-3124] - Reminder:  Switch Axis2 stack back to axis2-saaj from Sun SAAJ Impl
    * [GERONIMO-3243] - ActiveMQ violates System Properties
    * [GERONIMO-3354] - Exception thrown by MDB involved in XA transaction
    * [GERONIMO-3392] - CA Helper App - Unable to find HTTPS Connector configured for ClientAuth
    * [GERONIMO-3440] - DB2-XA: when trace file is not specified, it caused error when running the sample
    * [GERONIMO-3442] - Tomcat exception reports reference non-existent log files
    * [GERONIMO-3483] - Redeploy should start any dependent configurations it stops.
    * [GERONIMO-3503] - DBPool wizzard creates plans only for local-transactions
    * [GERONIMO-3685] - Monitoring Console should display TimeStatistics and BoundedRangeStatistics correctly
    * [GERONIMO-3687] - classloader deadlock during server startup
    * [GERONIMO-3700] - alias command fails
    * [GERONIMO-3719] - Monitoring agent uses sun classes
    * [GERONIMO-3762] - Web Applications displayed during server startup include "system" console plugins
    * [GERONIMO-3768] - deployment failure is not logged in either geronimo.log or deployer.log
    * [GERONIMO-3781] - Plugin Installer, CRSF issue when attempting to install a new plugin
    * [GERONIMO-3815] - ContextManager.getCurrentContext() throws NullPointerException
    * [GERONIMO-3831] - Incomplete classpath fed to wsgen

** Improvement
    * [GERONIMO-3399] - Need JSR88 DConfigBeans for GerSecurityType
    * [GERONIMO-3408] - Clean up deployer login code in ServerConnection
    * [GERONIMO-3545] - Upgrade Apache Derby to
    * [GERONIMO-3651] - gshell should make it dead simple to run geronimo with remote debugging
    * [GERONIMO-3661] - Optimize GShell libs for G server assemblies
    * [GERONIMO-3759] - Geronimo Tomcat Clustering - No GBeans for adding Static Members
    * [GERONIMO-3796] - Upgrade to 3.3 version of xbean-finder, xbean-naming, and xbean-reflect
    * [GERONIMO-3798] - Upgrade Geronimo to newly released geronimo-transaction 2.1 and geronimo-connector 2.1 components
    * [GERONIMO-3802] - In plugin installer, assembling a server, add a page at the end to confirm or deny the assembly of a server package.

** New Feature
    * [GERONIMO-3432] - Admin Console Wizard to auto generate openejb-jar.xml
    * [GERONIMO-3433] - Admin Console Wizard to auto generate geronimo-application.xml

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