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  • The portal is able to generate multiple charts for each delivery service
  • Ideally, we want users to be able to setup automated email delivery of any report/chart they can view in the portal in some type of portable format like PDF
  • This is often used for billing and systematic 

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Example Use Cases

  1. Monthly billing and usage reports
    1. A calendar month report from 0 GMT to 0 GMT of all key charts and summary metrics emailed on the first of the month
  2. Trial or Performance Summary Report
    1. A daily or weekly chart summary of key metrics related to service performance
  3. Usage Monitoring Report
    1. For users that are concerned about budget a short summary of total GB delivered 
  4. Multi-service report
    1. For tenants with many child services allow option to duplicate report across all child services of current tenant and all child services across all sub-tenants
  5. Automation and API
    1. Make an API endpoint that allows CRUD of report scheduling so that automation can be used
  6. Instant Report Download
    1. Button on chart to convert any portal chart view into a well formatted PDF that you can download
  7. Linkable Views / Reports
    1. If a user has a specific view of a report they want to share with other users, make urls reflect the chart view settings so they can also link others to the same view or save views
    2. Allow use of relative or absolute time so you can link to a chart of a specific time period or a relative time period like the last 3 days



  1. Portable Format like PDF or similar
  2. Delivery via email
  3. Scheduling of Report Delivery - daily, multiple day (2, 3, 4) , weekly, monthly, 
  4. Create a Report from Any Chart or Table View in Portal
  5. URL to Report - URLs can be bookmarked to view a specific report
  6. Absolute or Relative Time - can be set in the bookmarkable report views
  7. Multi-service Report - Allow a tenant to duplicate a report across all services in tenant or all services in sub-tenants
  8. Clone Existing - create a copy of an existing report that can be quickly updated 



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