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At the moment, client-ids are not handled consistently between clients and brokers. For example, the Java clients and tools prevent client-ids to contain a number of characters. These restrictions are not enforced by the brokers and are simply not mentioned in the documentation. Moreover, many third party clients, including librdkafka, don't have these restrictions. This leads to issues creating metrics and handling quotas like KAFKA-3417 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Public Interfaces

The current client-id characters restrictions will be removed from the Java clients (Producer, Consumer, Connect, Admin, Streams) allowing to use any string as a client-id. In addition, will also be updated to allow setting quotas on any client-id.

Some metrics containing a client-id (for example: kafka.server:type={Produce|Fetch},user=([-.\w]+),client-id=([-.\w]+)) will change as the client-id will now be URL-encoded.

Proposed Changes

  • Client-ids will be sanitized by the brokers using URL-encoding similar to the encoding used for the user Principal. This leaves metrics for client-ids using the current limited set of characters as-is, but will allow arbitrary characters in encoded form.
  • Quota metrics and sensors as well as ZooKeeper quota configuration paths should use sanitized ids for client-ids.
  • Remove client-id validation in and in Java clients and allow any characters for client-id similar to usernames, URL-encoding the names to generate ZK path

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • The only change of behaviour will be on JMX metrics containing a client-id. The client-id will now be URL-encoded, only affecting client-ids containing special characters.

Rejected Alternatives

Instead of properly URL-encoding client-ids, we first looked into simply using ObjectName.quote() when using the client-id in metrics. This would change all existing metrics as we would be quoted. Also it feels cleaner to use the same sanitizing logic for both client-ids and user principals.

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