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The plan is to move everything that is currently making use of NetBeans as a basis, from here (i.e., only the ones that are in production, are stable, or under development in one form or another), plus more, to the table below, with the following structure, in alphabetical order based on Company name:

 CompanyProductTeam SizeActive UsersURLContactApache ID
1A. I. Solutions


Our users are NASA ground system operators. The numbers represent daily operational stations. The missions are 24-7 shifts but the stations are not in use all the time.
  • NASA MMS GEONS Ground System Software, 3-6 users
  • NASA JWST Flight Dynamics Ground System, 6 users
  • NOAA DSCOVR Flight Dynamics Ground System, 2-3 users Phillips 
2Airbus Defence & SpaceSeveral   Sven Reimerssreimers
3Altair HyperworksFluxMotor Jerome 
4AncestrisAncestris6We have about 150 different users per day, 700-900 different users per month, and 3600 different users since January 2017.édéric Lapeyre 
5ApteanEvent Management Framework Beaumont 
6Bjorn Lunden InformationBL Ekonomi5
We have 3000+ client installations. Based on server activity, we can tell that the user base is very active.

Henry Arousell 
7BoeingSeveral   Bruce Shimel 
8CorizonAgroSense Veenstratimon
9Cycloides Inc.DJMol Modeling Platform5Researchers doing computational nanoscience.

Dr. Krishna Mohan G Prasanna 
10Deep NettsDeep Netts Developer, A Deep Learning IDE2Software developers using deep learninghttp://www.deepnetts.comZoran Sevaracsevarac
11Diso21 ClientDiso21 Client Galyutin 
13EmxsysCPS Wildfire Management Tool Schubert 
14EriksfiordVinland Software Suite Ruehlicke 
15European Space AgencySTEP Fomferra 
17ExperianExperian Risk Management Lenci 
18Gephi ConsortiumGephi Bastian 
19Harris OrthogonODS Open Platform Wimmer 
20IAVIAV EasyDoE Barzantny 
21IndependentBlue Yistevenyi
22IndependentMapton Karlström
23IndependentPraxis LIVE C. Smithneilcsmith
24IndependentQuorum Stefik 
25IndependentTerramenta Heidt 
26InneoGenius Tools Model Processor  
27Institute of Mine SeismologySeismological Analysis Software5 Lotterelotter
28INTINTViewer Danard 
29Janelia Research CampusJanelia Workstation Rokicki 
30JanitzaGridVis Stolzchst

32jMonkeyEnginejMonkeyEngine SDK  
33Joseki BoldSeveral Bold 
34KiyutSeveral Kohar 
35LyndenLynden Freight Management Terpilowski 
36Marine CyberneticsPower Plant HIL Simulator Platou 
37MercurMercur Business Control Walter 
38MicrochipMPLAB-X IDE20
We estimate 100k downloads per release. We release every 2 months for part support. However, there could be many more users at multiple sites. We estimate 20% Linux/Mac and 80% Windows. Sheard 
39Neotropic SASKuwaiba4 full-time developers plus casual contributions from community members.Hard to estimate the number of total users (we don't track installations), but Neotropic does have customers in three continents. Small and mid-sized telecommunications service providers that mostly operate MPLS, SDH, IP and industrial networks with thousands of network devices and physical connections (fiber optics, radio links, etc). Edward Bedón Cortázar 
40NetiniumNetinium Platform Morrien 
41Nizana SystemsDbWrench Randhawa 
42Northrop GrummanAgile Client Moolenaar 
43Ocean OpticsOceanView Langston 
44Offshore Simulator Centre ASSeveral Styve 
45OOlibaOOliba Modeler Vanhentenryk 

https://www.graalvm.orgJaroslav Tulachjtulach
47ORAT Software-EntwicklungUpperlimb Researchers in the field of human motion analysis (biomechanics, sport science) and robotics.http://upperlimb.orat.deOliver Rettig 
48PatervaSeveral Bohme 
50Prisma EngineeringAirMosaic Chiappa 
51PropylonPropylon LWB

Sean McGrath 
52QuorumQuorum Quorum is used primarily at K-12 institutions in 22 of the US states; the Quorum website averages approximately 11,000 hits per month; we expect at least 472 students in general education and 520 blind or visually impaired students.

Andreas Stefik 
53QuotimationQuotimation Carey 
54RobotswimJessiko Genty 
55RWTH Aachen UniversityWZL Gear Toolbox Hofschröer 
56Saab GrintekSeveral  
57SATS Den HelderGecco5Gecco is used by 30-40 people daily to create and maintain components for our combat management systems. Mol 
58SeeByteSeeTrack Military Fitchett 
59SiemensStar-CCM+ Godo 
60Simtec BuergelSeveral Buergel  
61SimTKOpenSim5We have over 180K registered downloads over the years and thousands of users.

Ayman Habib 
62SonideftQuick Pole Cumminger 
63Southwest GasTRIMP W. Haller 
64StreamSimstudioSL Scantamburlo 
65Swedish Defence Research AgencyNetScene Forsgren 
66Tata SteelAutodespath Gopinath 
67TersusMozart Platform Petrovic 

ultorg.comEirk Bakke
69University of BelgradeNeuroph1-52000 downloads per weekhttp://neuroph.sourceforge.netZoran Sevaracsevarac
70University of MichiganBatMass1Over 1000 installations. Not possible to tell actual usage, we don't gather any info when the application is started. Based on bug-fixing activity the usage is there.batmass.orgDmitry Avtonomov 
71US NavyUS Navy JMAT Visualization
US Navy JECP System Performance Model
   Mike Kelly 
72WEGWEG Programming Suite Junior Finke 
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