This feature allows CloudStack administrators to create layer 2 networks on CloudStack. As these networks are purely layer 2, they don't require IP addresses or Virtual Router, only VLAN is necessary (provided by administrator or assigned by CloudStack). Also, network services should be handled externally, e.g. DNS, DHCP, as they are not provided by L2 networks.

As a consequence, a new Guest Network type is created within CloudStack: L2


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Targeted for ACS master.

Document History

nvazquezInitial draft27 September 2017
nvazquezSpecification02 October 2017

Feature requirements, Architecture and Design description

  • Network offerings and networks support new guest type: L2.
  • L2 Network offering creation allows administrator to select Specify VLAN or let CloudStack assign it dynamically.
  • L2 Network creation allows administrator to specify VLAN tag (if network offerings allows it) or simply create network.
  • VM deployments on L2 networks:
    • VMs should not IP addresses or any network service
    • No Virtual Router deployed on network
    • If Specify VLAN = true for network offering, network gets implemented using a dynamically assigned VLAN 

Target users

  • CloudStack Admins.

API Changes


DB Changes


Hypervisors supported

This feature is agnostic of any hypervisor

UI Flow

  • Create network offering allows L2 network offering creation.

  • A new button is added on Networks tab, available for admins, to allow L2 networks creation.

  • L2 network creation dialog (VLAN field shown when Specify VLAN = true for selected network offering)

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