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  • KIP-216: IQ should throw different exceptions for different errors
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Currently, IQ throws InvalidStateStoreException for any types of error, that means a user cannot handle different types of error. Because of that, we should throw different exceptions for each type.

Proposed Changes

Add two new exception classes for the IQ state store errors:

  • public class StateStoreMigratedException extends InvalidStateStoreException
  • public class StateStoreClosedException extends InvalidStateStoreException

StateStoreMigratedException can be used to indicate a state store is currently not available and it may have been migrated to another instance.

StateStoreClosedException can be used to indicate a state store is closed.(RocksDBStore, WrappedStateStore)

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • Because no classes will be removed, this change will be fully backward.

Rejected Alternatives


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