Login to Fineract Account

  1. First, open mobile fineract CN application, then you will see login screen, see the Figure .1


    In order to login, do the following :

  1. Enter your Tenant, Username, and Password.

  2. Make sure data has correct and If data will not correct then It will show you specific alert, which field is not correct.

  3. Then click login.

    Table of login attribute :


Field Name (Attribute)


Example of Demo


Your Correct Tenant



Your Correct Username



Your Correct Password



Note: You can always find demo credentials here: https://github.com/openMF/Fineract-CN-mobile/wiki

2. then, make sure you enter the tenant, username, and password in the fields provided.

this tenant, username, and password for demo credentials (Figure 2.1 GIF & Figure 2.2) :


        Figure 2.1                                                                       Figure 2.2


3. and third, if you are logged in. you will be redirected to the main dashboard of Fineract Mobile, see the Figure .3


Logout to Fineract Account

    If you are finished with the use of mobile fineract, and want to automatically exit the identity of your username has been automatically saved.

  1. Go to Fineract Mobile Main Dashbord, then click the navigation drawer button at the top-left. 

  2. then, click logout. after which a pop-up will appear to confirm that you will be logged out from the application, see the Figure 4.1 & 4.2.


                      Figure 4.1                                                              Figure 4.2  


     3.   and done, you will be returned to the main login menu.

Here it is, logout GIF Examples, (Pict .5) :

                            Figure GIF .5

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