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Apache Santuario

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Apache XML Security for Java 2.0.7 release notes


  • [SANTUARIO-439] - Handle nextSibling in KeyInfo marshalling
  • [SANTUARIO-441] - Binary compatibility broken between version 2.0.7-SNAPSHOT and 2.0.6
  • [SANTUARIO-443] - Java library generates schema invalid KeyValue for EC credentials
  • [SANTUARIO-444] - Signing of big XMLs fails on Windows 8/10 using smart cards
  • [SANTUARIO-445] - Streaming canonicalizers adding empty namespaces
  • [SANTUARIO-446] - Base64 encoder uses "\n" instead of "\r\n" for newlines


  • [SANTUARIO-407] - StAX API: Possibility to customize signed Id attribute








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