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Apache Santuario

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Apache XML Security for Java 2.1.0 release notes


  • [SANTUARIO-457] - Marshaller:sendAttributeToWriter broken by Attr without namespace
  • [SANTUARIO-459] - Wrong usage of Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • [SANTUARIO-462] - getNodesetBeforeFirstCanonicalization() in is missing C14N11 canonicalization algorithms
  • [SANTUARIO-463] - ConcurrentModificationException from Canonicalizer.canonicalize
  • [SANTUARIO-464] - Allow setting default algorithms without invoking the SecurityManager
  • [SANTUARIO-465] - SignedInfo Reference constructor does not check for case of zero child elements

New Feature

  • [SANTUARIO-458] - Add signature configuration options to control generating Id attributes and adding default transformations


  • [SANTUARIO-467] - Default to secure validation for the XMLSignature constructors













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