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  • Introduction:

    • Ranger has introduced one more feature regarding the policy, user can assign Labels to policies.
    • Policy Label provides following features:

      • It will allow user to group sets of policies with one or more labels.

      • User can search policies with the name of labels in Policy listing page as well as on Report page.

      • It will also help user in export/import policies. If user has to export some specific set of policies then he can search with policy label and can export those specific set of policies.

  • How to create a label for policy:
    • While creating a policy user can add the policy label and click on SAVE. The policy will get generated with the policy label.

    • If user wants to add another policy with same policy_label then he can select the policy-label from the policy_label (policy_label is global across the different type of policies) list.

  • Search For the policies with Policy_Label:
    •  User can search within Policy Listing page(partial search supported)

    • User can search within Report Page, from here he can also export that specific sets of policies.


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